Broadcast and Streaming Schedule

Want to watch as much lacrosse as humanly possible? Of course you do, why else would you be here!

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NCAA Lacrosse

In 2015 we are spoiled by 10 different networks and their live streaming of some of over 185+ of college lacrosse’s best games!

  • America East TV: This network is specific to the America East conference but features a ton of games for all of its schools! Plus it’s free!
  • Big East Digital Network: Not many men’s games on the network this season and you are required to have access to FSN GO to access the streaming.
  • Big South Network: Another free streaming service that is mostly focused on High Point, but you get to see them play a ton of awesome opponents!
  • Big Ten Network: Must have access to Big Ten Network to access BTN2GO. There are some marquee games here in 2015. TV broadcasts available on the app.
  • The University of Delaware’s live streaming service bringing UD home games to your devices!
  • CBS Sports Network: The channel is available for pretty much every cable provider and satellite out there. They show a good amount of the Patriot League and a few other marquee games.
  • ESPN 2/ ESPN U/ ESPN 3: ESPN and ESPN 2 have yet to release their schedules yet, which likely include the championship weekend. Just sign up for WatchESPN so you can watch all of the networks, at the same time, anywhere you are. The best games of 2015 will be on the app, trust me.
  • Fox Sports 1/ Fox Sports 2: Fox has posted a less than exciting amount of games so far. Both channels canned be accessed through the FSN Go app.
  • The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill’s live streaming service offering 2 Tar Heels home games in HD!
  • NEC Front Row: A free service featuring a ton of NorthEast Conference games. This site will probably start consuming your weekends, they have so many games!
  • Patriot League Network: College Insiders hosts the Patriot League Network, featuring an incredible amount game from Army, Boston U, Colgate, Lehigh, Loyola, Navy and more!
  • UMass All Access:  The University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s live streaming service offering at lteast 7 Minutemen home games in 2015 !
  • SpiderTV: The University of Richmond’s live streaming service offering 9 Spider home games in 2015 !

National Lacrosse League

The NLL is available for the watching all over regional television, if you’re in the right market. For now we have all of the nationally available games for broadcast and streaming listed in the calendar. You can check them out on:

  • NLL Live: The National Lacrosse League’s new service offering streaming games to fans. Every game not broadcast nationally by another network is featured on NLL Live. $7 a game or $30 for the entire season pass, it’s worth it for the hardcore NLL fan.
  • TSN: Canada’s version of ESPN is showing a ton of games this season, many that are also streaming on ESPN. Plus side is, TSN 2 is also showing a few games this season so fans can watch on their TVs!
  • The Olympic-based service features a game just about every week and can be viewed on just about any device!
  • WatchESPN: Same deal as above, but with a ton of NLL content too!

Major League Lacrosse

If you listened to our interview with MLL Commissioner David Gross, you heard that awesome things are on the horizon for watching every MLL game, every week!

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