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Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and happy Tuesday!

11 Little Signs You’re Doing Just Fine

You have food available to eat.
There is a nearby faucet with clean water.
You take a warm shower at least once a day.
You have your own comfortable bed.
There’s a roof over your head and walls around you.
You can control the temperature of your environment.
You don’t have to walk everywhere.
You’re wearing clean clothes.
Morning coffee and tea is an option.
There are people in this world who love you.
There is oxygen available to breathe.
As we move through the week and through the month – especially during this season of reflection – it’s important that we remind ourselves and the ones we care about that life really is GREAT! Despite any day to day concerns, we have it good. We are fortunate, blessed, and in many ways living a life of luxury compared to the majority of the world.

And since I missed yesterday, here’s one more for you…

9 Things Happy, Successful People Choose to Ignore

Other people’s judgements.
Old troubles from the past.
Each day’s little frustrations.
The necessary pain of hard work and growth.
Insignificant busy work.
Impatient thoughts.
The things that can’t be controlled.
Unfounded fears.
The mind’s endless stream of doubts.

Make it a GREAT day!

Stay blessed.