U-19 Louisiana All-Star Team: Quick Stick


Because your Dad taught you to wake up every morning and read the news while drinking your coffee, you’ve been taught from a young age to wake up every morning and read the LAS network while drinking your coffee.

Because of that, you already know LSU scrimmaged Team Quick Stick 2 weekends ago.

And as you already know, Quick Stick, the U-19 Louisiana All-Star Team won. The score was 12-8, by the way.

How did it happen? Was LSU that hungover? Were they missing players? Did Austin Speni (coach of Quick Stick) borrow Les Miles‘ lucky rabbit foot?

I’ve heard how the game went from both sides of the story, why LSU lost, why Quick Stick won, but I unfortunately did not attend for personal reasons. So I can’t really give you my $0.02 on the game. 100% pissed I wasn’t there now.

However, what I can offer you this week are some pictures of the game, stolen from Ross Burkenstock‘s facebook page. Now THAT is investigative journalism.

Besides, you guys just skip the text and go straight to pictures anyways, right?

This is Bryan Kitto, left handed attackman from Jesuit. He’s good. Did you know about him? Now you know.
Captains shaking hands before the game. I can’t tell who that is for LSU, but for Quick Stick, that’s Donnie Davis from Brother Martin, Chris Dill from St. Paul’s, and Stephen Baay from Jesuit.

See them all in my Quick Stick tryout video

QuickStick clears the ball vs. LSU
QuickStick D pressing into what can only be called the infield.
More of Chris Dill doing a defense thing.
A little face off scrum action
LSU’s faceoff guy, Tim Trahan, is pretty good at faceoffs.
That’s a nice looking hatchet swing.

In my opinion, this is a big win for Louisiana lacrosse. LSU has a really talented squad this year, with roots spanning across the entire country. They’ve only been practicing together for a handful of weeks, so my expectations of them this year are still pretty high.

But this is a group of high schoolers from Louisiana. That’s the same Louisiana that was wiped off the map 5 years ago by a windstorm. That’s the same Louisiana that has better food, higher insurance rates, bumpier roads, thicker accents, stronger livers, more Catholics, hotter Summers, and more alligators than your state.

That’s the same Louisiana that founded it’s first ever high school lacrosse team 12 years ago in Shreveport, as a recreational church club. (note: no one on Team Quick Stick hails from Shreveport – they’re all from cities that got lacrosse within the past 5-6 years).


In other news…

I turned 25 this week. I think that means I’ve officially crossed over into “Old” status. But my insurance went up $50 a month – accident forgiveness my ass.

LSU lax is hosting a jamboree on November 21st with UL-Lafayette and Tulane. There is no way I’ll miss that one.

Remember when I told you box lacrosse is coming to Louisiana? I just registered for our winter league season.

I won a free pizza from Rotolo’s by tweeting what my biggest fear was. My biggest fear was obvious: not winning free pizza. It was delicious.

Thank you lax.com and Connor Wilson. You have inspired my players to become certified stick doctors. Two of my guys in particular, Jarred Hatfield and Tyler Harp, are (in my opinion) the best stick doctors in the state. Certified M.D.’s from the U of Lax.