US Lacrosse Convention Day 1: How We Watched

[Photo courtesy of US Lacrosse]

Instead of giving you a recap of what we missed in Baltimore today, I thought I’d show you how I kept up with it and how you can stay tuned in tomorrow.

So, I’ll admit it. I love the internet. Maybe I’m just a big nerd, but I think cool stuff happens online all the time. Just take yesterday’s interaction for example…

Here we are, missing the biggest lacrosse event of the year. The event where true lacrosse enthusiasts go to mingle with others just like them. All the big-wig lacrosse names are there. All the major gear companies. Coaches, players, fans. Everyone. But we are here…missing it. Enter Twitter.

Yesterday we chatted with a US Lacrosse staff member through Twitter. They told us where to check out the action online – so we could live vicariously through all the attendees, and we posted the links to those sites yesterday. Then, today, we followed all of you guys at the event by reading blogs, checking facebook, and of course, checking that social site that starts with a T. Here’s a couple snippets of Twitter-talk we found fun to follow:

See? We knew ‘clochary’ was there looking for stories to write about and the NMH coaches were there networking. And then ‘BaltimoreMD’ hooked us up with a link to some additional information on the event. The internet is working in the sport’s favor, if you ask me. And if you think this is kind of neat, you’ll be blown away by this note from Debeer that went out Wednesday:

Boom. You could’ve had a free head. I guess that’s getting at what they call ‘the power of social media’ or something – people connect and sometimes some good comes out of it.

Anyway, I’m just glad we were able to follow what was happening even though we weren’t there. The absolute best place we’ve found for information is Lacrosse Magazine’s live blog. Check it out!

Happy following everyone!  Striding Man, over and out.

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