US Lacrosse: The POCO Rulebook

Joe Eck Woozles lacrosse cradel big blue
Joe Eck has dangle. A natural for the transition to box.

I know that many of you POCO (post-collegiate) guys have been chomping at the bit to read an actual rule book meant for adults (sarcasm intended). Well, US Lacrosse released an “adult” rule book including modified NCAA rules, along with a few other changes that make it more relaxed.

For example, no one cares about stringing or tape rules, you are an adult, if you can handle the checks of frustrated grown men who can’t get the ball out of your stick, that’s on you.

If your league, tournament, or team in general has been longing for some structure, here is the modified rule book, made just for you! Kidding aside, it makes sense that the governing body of lacrosse here in the States released a structured set of rules, they are just attempting to keep the game consistent at all levels of play.

I don’t know if anyone will ever need to print these out to enforce them, but what do I know, I only have 5 years of POCO experience (I played POCO in college, sorry I’m not sorry). I’ve still got another 40 ahead of me right?! As a ref, I’m glad that if I ever roll up to a men’s game and they can’t agree on how we are going to play, I can break this bad boy out and suggest we go with USL.


  1. I wonder how many leagues will follow these rules. I don’t think leagues will like being told they have to play by certain rules. But I guess that isn’t the point of the POCO rulebook, it’s more for leagues looking for concrete rules or to solve rule disputes.

  2. I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue to play as I get older. It seems like all the fun gets taken out the older you get. At least it’s only 7 pages. The NFHS and NCAA rule books are a nightmare to read through.