Denver 2014 Int'l

USA White Vs. USA Blue Video

Fall Scrimmage: Team USA Vs. Loyola

You want highlights from the USA Blue vs. USA White scrimmage? No problem. Plenty of balling going on in the clip above! Some unreal goals, and a pace of play that is nothing short of breakneck. Love it!

Do you have any guesses as to who is going to make the next cut for Team USA, and who will represent the red, white, and blue in Denver in 2014? We’ve heard some rumblings and rumors, but we want to hear YOUR opinion first!

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  • Would love to see them mix up lines again, esp. on attack… and I think my back and forth decision not to include Westervelt in my original guess is going to haunt me… should’ve stuck with him!

  • Shame not more people are responding on this. Here would be my pick as things stand right now

    Attack: Stanwick, Westervelt, Thul, Pannell, Holman, Law/Danowski
    Midfield: Rabil, Marasco, Harrison, Seibald, Brooks, Snider
    Face-off: Gurenlian, Eck
    SSDM: Abbott or Peyser
    LSM: Hartzell
    Defense: Durkin, Karalunas, Zink, Bernhardt/Evans
    Goalie: Turner, Galloway

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