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VIDEO: 2011 Syracuse Lacrosse Promo

2011 Syracuse Lacrosse Promo

2011 Syracuse Lacrosse Promo

For a long time, when someone mentioned lacrosse, you either thought of Baltimore or Syracuse, NY.  The former because of all the schools with great high school and college lacrosse.  The latter because of Syracuse University, and not much else.  Sure, Cornell has had some unbelievable players and won National Championships.  Hobart was the best D-III team ever and brought a string of NC titles back to Upstate.  The local high schools, reservations and smaller colleges are brimming with talent but Syracuse is still “the place to go for lacrosse”.  No disrespect to the other teams out there, but things are different at Syracuse; where a National Championship is always the goal.  A lot of programs say that a NC is their season goal, but with Cuse, you always get the feeling they mean it.  Check out the 2011 Preview Video below:

The only note this video needs is that while the action was great, the music was awful.  Just awful.  Didn’t they stop making metal like that in the late 90s?  While the music left something to be desired, I’m extremely excited to see Jeremy Thompson again in 2011.  He’s just a thrilling player to watch and one of the best 2-way middies in recent memories.  Kid can do it all!  Pair that with some excellent finishers, the best pole in the country and some serious talent in goal and on defense and Cuse will have another winner in 2011.

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