VIDEO: 2013 College Lacrosse Promo

Syracuse Vs. Duke Lacrosse - Big City Classic
Let's talk 2013 RULE CHANGES!

Josh Lane (JLProductions3 on YouTube) hits us with his 2013 college lacrosse promo video, featuring “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Our favorite moments include:

0:15 – Boom.

0:45 – Was he doing the Harlem Shake before the Harlem Shake?

1:10 – BTH to BTGL… that’s Between The Goalie’s Legs. Bet he planned it.

1:31+ – Question: How many lacrosse players shoot underhand better than they shoot overhand?

1:59 – That’s what we call “Lacrobatic”.

2:15 – Mist on the net makes goals so much more exciting.

2:26 – Does anyone have a name for Josh Dionne’s celebration?

2:30 – Nice catch!

2:51 – This guy makes awesome highlight vids! Great work as always, Josh!

What was your favorite part?