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VIDEO: 2013 College Lacrosse Promo

0 - Published February 25, 2013 by in College

Josh Lane (JLProductions3 on YouTube) hits us with his 2013 college lacrosse promo video, featuring “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Our favorite moments include:

0:15 – Boom.

0:45 – Was he doing the Harlem Shake before the Harlem Shake?

1:10 – BTH to BTGL… that’s Between The Goalie’s Legs. Bet he planned it.

1:31+ – Question: How many lacrosse players shoot underhand better than they shoot overhand?

1:59 – That’s what we call “Lacrobatic”.

2:15 – Mist on the net makes goals so much more exciting.

2:26 – Does anyone have a name for Josh Dionne’s celebration?

2:30 – Nice catch!

2:51 – This guy makes awesome highlight vids! Great work as always, Josh!

What was your favorite part?