Video: HUGE Lacrosse Slash – Ouch


Week 3 of ULAX’s NYC league is done and said for, and we’ll have highlights from two games later on today. For now, feast your eyes on a huge Slash of Death that yours truly took squarely on the knee this past Sunday. It’s a doozy!

I limped off the field, and took a couple minutes to let the pain subside. I got back out there though, finished the game, and made it home in one piece. I walked up four flights of stairs, down four flights of stairs, and then went out to buy some household stuff like toilet paper and cat food. I got home, sat down, and my knee pretty much locked up. Thankfully, I don’t have to go far for work, and I can ice it all day.

Adding this injury on to my 1-10 shooting effort on the day, as well as numerous dropped passes, and you’d think that I would be down in the dumps right now. But the fact is, I got to play lacrosse and push myself. I played hard, and had fun. I may have been awful on Sunday AND I got injured, but it was well worth it. Assuming I’m not still walking like a peg-leg pirate next Sunday, I’ll be back out there.

Maybe I’ll wear a knee pad.