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VIDEO: International Lacrosse Deluge

europe map
Wait, where is San Jose again?

We’re keeping the International Thursday theme going with a video-littered post.  We’ve got field lacrosse in Germany, box lacrosse somewhere in Europe and box lacrosse in San Jose (California is like another country to some of us).  If these three videos aren’t proof that the game is growing by leaps and bounds across the world, then we don’t know what is.

There is a lot more not scoring than scoring in the early stages of this video.  Maybe their goalies are just really good!

Honestly, we just like listening to people speak German.  Especially Medieval German.  SO useful.

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnddd… boxla in San Jose, CA.  It counts because lacrosse is officially Canada’s summer sport, and if you’re American, that’s International.  Close enough.  Plus HS box lacrosse is awesome.

europe map

Wait, where is San Jose again?

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