VIDEO: Kyle Harrison Rips The Net… IN A GAME!


Anyone can say they’ve gone out to the local lacrosse cages and literally ripped twine. The cages are often old, beat up, in need of new netting, and just barely hanging together, but even then, when your shot literally breaks the net, you feel like a superhero. Now imagine doing that in a pro game, where the goal nets are nice and new, and imagine getting it on film!

YUP! That just happened.  Kyle Harrison gets a feed from the wing, steps in to his shot, and literally blasts it through the cage!

lxm pro ripped net lacrosse

I don’t know the details… those nets might have been old… but they can’t have been THAT old! They are white and pristine, and simply can’t be that used up, which makes the shot even more impressive!

Thanks to The Lacrosse Network for sending this clip over and for broadcasting the last two LXM Pro games! It’s been great to see the LXM live and on Replay, and it’s definitely worth a watch!


    • Yeah I just strung up a new net in my goal, a 5mm, and found a seam sewn diagonally across the whole thing where the pieced 2 mesh’s together, pretty sure the sewing will give way at some point. Nets new and old always rip at the diagonals from the corners… the manufacturers just never reinforce those top spots enough and the ball just shoves its way though sometimes.