VIDEO: Mesa State (NCAA D2) Vs. UNLV Club Highlights


Mesa State is one of the newest NCAA Division 2 teams in the country.  They’re located out in Colorado and have some of the most aggressive uniforms and gloves in all of college lacrosse.  Snake print on your gloves and jerseys and your mascot is a Maverick?  We’ll take it.  UNLV was an MCLA team last year but this year they aren’t.  That’s what happens when you don’t behave well.  You take a season off from the MCLA and try to turn the ship around.  Hopefully, UNLV does just that.

Looks like UNLV won this game 12-11.  How good can Mesa State become?  How long will it take?  Can they get lots of Canadians in to put the ball in the basket?  Can they pull in some good, athletic defenders, or at least a really good goalie?  So many questions! Hopefully our new D2 West correspondent can hook up up with some answers!


  1. Mesa state doesn’t need the Canadians…they need some time and a descent piece of press. They do have all of the ingredients to be a great team. Give them a chance before you write something disparaging. Coach Stevens has done an amazing job. You take 30 freshman guy’s (without upper classman leadership) and let’s see what kind of a team you turn out.