Video: St. John’s Knocks Off #1 Notre Dame

Notre Dame St. John's Lacrosse

The Red Storm of St. John’s made their way to South Bend, Indiana to take on the #1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish and emerged from the road contest with yet another HUGE win for the St. John’s program. SJU won the game 12-10, and is now sitting at 7-2 in 2013. This marks the best start in recent program history, and shows just how tenuous it is to call any team a clear cut #1.

Loyola, Maryland, and now Notre Dame have all held the #1 spot, and have all lost. Who will take the #1 spot this week? St. John’s? UNC? Cornell? Princeton? Who knows…

One thing we do know… within a couple of weeks, the next #1 will probably go down too!


  1. Nice video.  If they hadn’t showed the score at the top, I would have thought Notre Dame was dominating.  OK, I guess it was sponsored by Notre Dame.  Some nice long shots and great score by the attack at the end.