Video: Why We’re Here

0 - Published August 19, 2013 by in LAS Insider

Following our recent announcement and my post explaining why we’re here, I thought it’d be fun to share this 8-minute “selfie” I filmed on January 12th, 2013, while hiking in the Boise foothills. While I can’t stand listening to my own voice, I couldn’t help but watch the whole thing and think of how ironic it is that literally everything I said on camera about our vision for Lacrosse All Stars has stayed the same.

We’ve been through a ton over the past 3 years, pursuing LAS fulltime. Even in the past 7 months, many aspects of our business have evolved. Still, our intentions have remained the same.

One of my favorite football coaches used to tell me “consistency is the key to greatness.” As we move the company forward into the future, I like to think of it as my “job” to make sure that consistency stays around long enough to help our sport achieve just that.