Volt Athletics: Official Strength Training Provider of LaxAllStars.com

Volt Athletics: Official Strength Training Provider of LaxAllStars.com

What if promising young lacrosse players, no matter their location, had affordable access to elite-level strength training? What kind of effect would this have on the game? These are just a couple of important questions we at LaxAllStars.com have had think-tank discussions about in the office over the years.

While lacrosse continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the geographic roots and parental social network of a young player are still often times just as important as his/her stats on paper when it comes to being recruited or placed on a team.

The only thing a promising young player who does not have those type of connections can do is continue to improve. Thankfully, there are smart people out there dedicating themselves 110% to provide young athletes in this situation, and even under-funded teams for that matter, with an upper hand.

Volt Athletics, a cutting-edge sports technology company out of Seattle, WA, provides athletes big and small with affordable access to elite-level strength and conditioning, and today we are delighted to announce that we have partnered with them.

Volt Lacrosse Strength Training

Volt Athletics - Lacrosse Strength Training

Volt’s online platform seamlessly delivers sport-specific strength training to athletes no matter location or device, and currently serves elite-level players in almost every NCAA sport. With heavy focus on rotational power, lateral quickness, and full-body strength, the Volt Lacrosse offering is second-to-none and only costs $25/month for individual athletes.

Check out the sample Volt Lacrosse Workout below and become a member of LaxAllStars.com for an exclusive Lacrosse All Stars discount code.

Volt Athletics - Example Lacrosse Workout
Sample Lacrosse Workout (click to enlarge)
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