Want To Gain “Good” Weight? Here Are Some Tips!

workout_tips Umberger Performance
And... SQUAT!

Calories, Calories, Calories…  Are you getting enough?

“Scott, I eat so much and I can’t gain weight!”

“My son eats me out of house and home but is still skinny!”

I could go on for hours and hours about the daily conversations that I have with athletes and parents alike.  I could also go on about the fact that I have more than 10 athletes who have recently gained 20+ pounds in 2-3 months during intense training (and that’s drug free for those of you that are shady!).

I have 2 sayings at Umberger Performance…  “E-T-G(Eat To Grow)!” is the first one and the other is (cleaned up for all you young bucks)  “Eat like a broad, look like a broad!” Go put the Baby Gap size mediums back, and get over ‘hipster weight’.  For those of you wondering, hipster weight would be 165 pounds or less for a healthy high school male athlete over 5’3″.

Athletes look like this, right? Those are definitely my old HS Coach's Bike shorts.

Your mom, who probably doesn’t train much in a day, needs around 2,000 calories per day.  However, as an athlete, you should be training 5-6 days a week with several of those days involving lifting and practicing.  Now guess what?  You are killing yourself.  How do you expect to 1) Perform,  2) Recover, and 3) Make Strength and Size Gains, when you eat like your more sedentary mommy?????  You should be eating at least 3,000 a day.  That is the bare minimum for a high school or collegiate athlete.

workout_tips Umberger Performance
And... SQUAT!

Until you log your calories, how do you expect to understand what to eat?  Spend 5-10 minutes a day and discover how you are fueling your body.  You want to waste your time and money taking crappy supplements that don’t work.  Yes, I just said that NO2 sucks!

A great program can be found on TheDailyPlate.com, There are also apps for all of your smart phones to keep up with your calories.


  1. This is a horribly ignorant post. There are plenty of able-bodied athletes weighing under 165

    And I think this thread pretty much goes without saying.. Practice more, eat more. I mean it says it right there on the new food pyramid..

  2. Bobby,
    Ignorant? I guess if offends those that don’t eat enough and are under 165. Serious medical issues aside, put the joystick down(PS3 or Xbox), type less, and eat more.
    There’s a difference between able bodied and consistently success elite athletes at the D1 and professional level.
    And no, there aren’t many DI athletes that are under 165 on D1 Lax Rosters. The upper class man add the weight once they become upper class man. Also, roster space verse actually receiving playing time are different worlds. Cleaning balls up after practice is a different story than contributing to a successful team/program.
    Those that are under 165 at the D1 level literally have “World Class” skills and can over come size. That skill won’t take them very far after college though.
    The concepts are the same in the major sports in the US. You have to be able to play 82 games in the NHL, 16 in the NFL, etc… The greatest punt returner in NFL recent history(Devin Hester) is listed at 190 pounds. Say he’s 180, that’s 15 pound away from 165. He can take a pounding over the ENTIRE season. “Shifty” small guys don’t last because they can’t take the physical abuse.

    Please take in mind that I’m 5’9″ and 195 right now and a little fat at 12% bf. I’m not a huge person. I can’t control my height, but I can make sure that I won’t get broke.

    Put the numbers in your favor and ETG!

    If you are 150 and are in your early years in high school. I understand. You are growing like a weed.
    Stop eating like your mom or sister. ETG and protect your body!

    Scott Umberger