Weekly Draw: The Powell Hour Mixtape

Powell Hour Mixtape

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Every time I get on a phone call with someone in the lacrosse world, one thing leads to another and we’re suddenly talking about a mutual friend. Isn’t our sport amazing? There’s like two degrees of separation between everyone, including me and you. 

That brings me to sharing one thing that I think is extra special about our sport. It’s not just the connectivity we have with each other in the community that makes it unique, but the fact that everyone carries with them a willingness to support each other, too.

People helping people – that’s what I love to see. Hope you guys all had a happy Halloween!

– Jeff Brunelle (Founder, LaxAllStars.com)

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The Powell Hour Mixtape

At this point many of you might be sitting around nursing your Halloween hangovers, but it turns out there’s one more treat waiting for you!

Below you’ll find a link to our latest video production, The Powell Hour Mixtape. And while it’s only available to paid LAS members, we’ve got a little teaser for guests visiting the website too.

Watch Powell Hour Now

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