Weekly Session with CL41: Sean Silverstein


Weekly Session with CL41: Sean SilversteinLacrosse enthusiasts, welcome back to The Pond for round 2 with me, your host, CL41. Not much has been happening in The Pond since we last left you off. We Ducks played Boise State last weekend and both teams fought hard the whole game. Final score ended at 17-3 with Jon “Ocho Cinco” Matusiefsky leading the Ducks with 3 goals and 3 assists. Congrats to you Jon!

Other honorees were Mike “The Wolverine” Gerrard who won the game ball after making it apparent to the team that when he clears the ball he is looking for the assist or the goal. Congrats to you too Mike!


This coming Sunday, March 15th, we will be welcoming Portland State into our league at 12pm on the Nex Turf fields at U of O. The game will be a lot of fun and give our fans a good chance to see the team before we fly South this spring break to California to take on three top 25 MCLA teams, but more on that in next week’s post.


SUNNY DAYS ARE HERE AGAINA nice day and the deck of Taylor’s Bar and GrillNow let’s go into some more important and fun topics to ease our minds of this lacrosse overload that we all seem to feel as season nears the halfway mark. As I sit here in my chair typing out this post I can’t help to notice the beautiful sunny weather we are experiencing here in Eugene. If you’ve ever been to Eugene or anywhere in Oregon on a nice sunny day it really is a sight to see, especially if you’re on or near campus. Now this beauty I talk about usually does not come out until halfway through spring term – sometime in May, but after walking around campus today I can guarantee you this: SPRING IS COMING EARLY! My old saying goes, “spring time is when dimmers bloom into silver dollars” and WOW is it happening early this year.

You can already find lots of signs of them hanging out on the porch of the old local town bath house, known as Taylor’s, and headed out for other various activities together. I’m talking about the women of the campus and I’m sure glad to see they’re as excited for spring as I am!


There is not a better way to bring in this good weather than an interview with someone who has been able to experience it first hand on the front lines of college, our very own rookie-attack-duckling, Sean Silverstein.

CL41 : So Silverspoon, how’s the U of O been treating you?
Sean Silverstein: It’s been good, I can’t complain.

CL41 : How has lax been as a freshman?
Sean Silverstein: I’ve got a lot more playing time than I thought I would have so I’ve really enjoyed that. Also playing at the U of O is a big step up from high school and I like the fast pace.

CL41 : Favorite candy?
Sean Silverstein: 100 Grand I would have to say. I love caramel chocolate!

CL41 : Favorite artist / musician?
Sean Silverstein: Red Hot Chili Peppers and MGMT.


Me: So I’ve heard you do stunts for Tom Cruise from time to time. That must be a really fun experience to be Tom’s stunt double. What else do you do for fun when you are not performing others daring tasks for money?
Sean Silverstein: I don’t actually do what you said but I like to listen to music, hang out with friends in the dorms, and play Xbox 360.

CL41 : What would you say your life motto is?
Sean: “Go with the flow.”

: Are you currently subscribed to any of the following sites: eHarmony, match.com, adult friend finder, or for the more curious and risky people, craigslist?
Sean Silverstein: Currently no, never was. How about you?

CL41 : HEY! I’m the interviewer around here! Next question, Hershey Kisses or desert plates?
Sean Silverstein: Hershey Kisses.

Alright, so that concludes the first set of many interviews headed your way. Thanks to Sean for being a real champ and stepping up to do the first rookie interview EVER. He sure does have a lot of heart as you can see through that interview.

Coming to a close here I can already tell you all that I am really looking forward to next week’s post. School finals will be over, spring break will be right around the corner, and most importantly, three HUGE lacrosse games to show the MCLA what’s up with the Ducks this year. So don’t forget to stop by next week for another fun and exciting post with me, CL41. Until next time lacrosse enthusiasts, stay classy!

CANDY O’ THE WEEK: Sour Patch Extremes

Sour Patch ExtremesSour Patch produces a candy called Sour Patch Extremes that are loaded with great flavors and packs a punch of sourness in every bite. Flavors are Apple/Strawberry – Orange/Blue Raspberry – Watermelon/Grape. I highly recommend these frozen but are also a great treat non-frozen for class and other activities. WARNING: Large consumption of these tasty treats can lead to a raw mouth from all the sweets and may produce some hyper activity. Eat at your own caution.

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: cloescher87[at]gmail.com

Oh, and in case some of you were wondering… Yes, all new gear this year. Here’s a sneak peek:

new gear this year