Welcome to LAS 4.0!

LaxAllStars.com Version 4.0

LaxAllStars.com Version 4.0

Today is the day! We’ve re-launched our site and taken the next step in creating the most comprehensive network of lacrosse blogs on the internet. We already have writers from all over the world – from the US and Canada all the way to Thailand – and now we have an improved platform to help LAS expand even further.

On top of that, we’ve enhanced our layout and the overall design of the LAS Network. We’ve turned the LaxAllStars.com homepage into a dynamic hub from our vast network of lacrosse blogs. It’s now easier than ever for LAS Readers to see everything in one place!

We’ve also added a brand new, very simple membership layer and an improved commenting system to further accommodate the growing community of LAS readers. Become an LAS Member today and you’ll receive exclusive LAS Monthly Perks via email each and every month!

With all these changes, it might take a little time for your eyes to adjust. Once they do, we promise you’ll love it!

Key features of the new LaxAllStars.com:

– The Featured section on the homepage will always contain fresh, high-quality content from Connor Wilson and the rest of the LAS staff.

– The Filter tabs on the homepage will allow LAS Readers to browse our content stream from across the LAS Network based on recency, popularity (view count) and most comments.

– Search our entire network of lacrosse blogs using the homepage search box on the right sidebar. Individual blogs have their own blog-specific search boxes too.

– View count is now displayed so you can see how many people have read a post before you click on it. This is something we’re extra excited about!

– LAS Membership is now available, allowing loyal LAS Readers to create a FREE account and receive LAS Monthly Perks via email. This feature is very simple at the moment, but we have plans to improve and expand our membership layer in the near future.

– Improved commenting system, which enables LAS Members to receive awards for their awesome comments and activity all across LaxAllStars.com.

Here’s a closer look:

The New LaxAllStars.com
Click to enlarge!

Why did you change the design?

Simply put, we experienced a ton of growth in 2011 and it was time for an upgrade! The front end of the site needed a fresh look to further suit our needs and the needs of our readers. Plus we needed to revamp the LAS platform’s backend to improve on site performance and give our bloggers an improved set of tools to publish great content and help grow the game.

What if I have an issue with the new site?

There are bound to be problems with this new site – especially at the beginning when the servers are adjusting. As you browse the new homepage and your favorite lacrosse blogs, I’m sure you’ll find a few bugs or glitches. Please help us fix them by emailing a note and screenshot to support@lacrosseallstars.com!

Final Thoughts

This redesign is something the LAS Team has been working on for quite some time now. For us, the structure of the homepage and the key features listed above have always been part of the plan. And I won’t lie, it feels good when a plan comes together. Now we’re one step closer to our vision for LaxAllStars.com, and that’s a pretty gratifying thought. But the launch of LAS 4.0 marks just the beginning of a new era for LAS. Rest assured we still have a long way to go on our journey to take over the interwebz. Stay tuned for LAS 4.1, LAS 4.2, LAS 4.3 and beyond!

Someone once told me that you can only move forward as far as you can remember back. So just for kicks, let’s take a look back at beginning and retrace our steps:

LaxAllStars.com Version 1
LAS Version 1.0, circa 2008
LAS Version 2
LAS Version 2.0, circa 2009
LAS Version 3
LAS Version 3.0, circa 2010
LAS Version 4
LAS Version 4.0, est. 2012

Personally, I liked the first one better… :)

It’s been quite the ride so far! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Lacrosse All Stars in 2012. Here’s to a new era!

Thank YOU for supporting LAS!

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Jeff Brunelle
Founder of Lacrosse All Stars. A West Coast native and product of the MCLA, I moved back East after college where I truly fell in love with the game. I've dedicated my career to LaxAllStars since 2010, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I now live in my hometown of Boise, Idaho, with my wife Zoë, two dogs, and a baby girl expected to arrive around Championship Weekend this May. I'm a technologist at heart, I'm not into snow or the month of January, and one time I kind of stole a football from Gary Gait. Life is crazy busy, but it's worth it when you get to immerse yourself in the medicine of lacrosse every day. We are on a mission to Grow The Game® on a global scale by empowering storytelling by players, for players, and bridging the gap between lacrosse and the mainstream.


  1. I am not so enthusiastic about the new look.  It buries the blogs one click farther away and graphically there is no flow, just a lot of heavy lines and boxes.  The inner workings may have improved, but the first page is the most important and it needs to draw the viewer in.
    Although the space taken up by the adds may be the same, the first impression looking at the first page seems to make it look more advertisement than content.

    I am not a web designer, just a fan so take it for what its worth.

    • Thanks for your honest feedback, Claude. Always appreciated! As I hinted in my post, we’ll be upgrading the new version of LAS more rapidly. Just as we did for this redesign, we plan to rollout future design changes primarily based on reader feedback. I’ve noted your comments in our feedback doc. Thanks again!

  2. “Improved commenting system, which enables LAS Members to receive awards for their awesome comments and activity all across LaxAllStars.com.”

    So should we not use our twitter linked disqus accounts to comment anymore, but instead use our new LAS member login? Or is there a way to merge the two accounts for commenting?

    • Hey Kevin – Good question. You can use your twitter linked Disqus account OR your LAS Member login to take part in comments. The system treats both the same for the most part. However, there is also an easy way to combine them as long as you have the same email address associated with both accounts – log in at Disqus.com and merge them.