Welcome to LAS 5!


Hello there, and welcome to [highlight color=”yellow”]LAS 5[/highlight].

Today, we’re excited to launch our brand new homepage. It looks a bit different, but the general layout hasn’t really changed. When first landing on the page you saw our FEATURED SECTION. This text you’re reading right now is today’s EDITOR’S NOTE. There will be a new note published daily based on the mood of each day’s editor. And just to the left, that’s THE FEED featuring all the great content being published across the LAS blog network.

Last year, we launched 4.0 and learned a lot from it. LAS 5 is something we’ve been planning since last season ended, and over the course of the next several months, we’re going to be releasing it bit by bit. And as of today, everyone in the world has access to the new homepage.

As we get things rolling, I assure you this new website isn’t going to be perfect, but we’re hoping you find it more visually pleasing. The design was inspired by Mike Powell, who I got to spend some time with while living out of an RV last Fall on the Grow The Game Tour. Mike and I spoke a lot about web design and the idea of giving LAS a more homegrown, organic feel. Our team is hoping to accomplish that with LAS 5, along with a few strokes of innovation.

As you’re navigating the site today, you may come across something that looks screwy. We invite you to pretend like you’re riding the New York City Subway and you just read that NYPD sign, “if you see something, say something.” My email address is jeff@lacrosseallstars.com, and my inbox is always open.

Thank you for supporting Lacrosse All Stars.

Grow The Game,

Jeff Brunelle

P.S. – I’d like to give a big shout out to my father, John Brunelle, who celebrated his 25th year cancer free yesterday. I was just a couple years old when he got sick, but I watched him fight it and I’ll forever admire his will.

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Jeff Brunelle
Founder of Lacrosse All Stars. A West Coast native and product of the MCLA, I moved back East after college where I truly fell in love with the game. I've dedicated my career to LaxAllStars since 2010, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I now live in my hometown of Boise, Idaho, with my wife Zoë, two dogs, and a baby girl expected to arrive around Championship Weekend this May. I'm a technologist at heart, I'm not into snow or the month of January, and one time I kind of stole a football from Gary Gait. Life is crazy busy, but it's worth it when you get to immerse yourself in the medicine of lacrosse every day. We are on a mission to Grow The Game® on a global scale by empowering storytelling by players, for players, and bridging the gap between lacrosse and the mainstream.