We’re Thankful


Thanksgiving Boat

First off HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all the Lax All Stars readers out there. Without you, we’d have no comments, no pageviews, no intel, and no real reason to wake up and be creative everyday.

Thanksgiving might get a bad rap because history says European settlers spent it by taking advantage of the natives, but the modern version is the most underrated of holidays.  Football, food, friends and family. You can’t beat that.

Plus the history of Thanksgiving is just so darn adorable when reenacted by little kids.

So in the spirit of the day, here is a list of everything we’re thankful for:
Turkey Day USL

We’re thankful for our readers and all the feedback many of you send us, for everyone who has written for us on LAS.com. Your passion for building something better and giving back to the game is inspiring.

We’re thankful for having 412 Lax aboard this ship, for the interwebz, having a kickass developer in KMac, a lax visionary in Connor Wilson, a scholarly coach in Mr. Gaudet, and for the cultural musings of GMODT.

Gentleman Jack

We’re thankful for the State of Tennessee. Without it we wouldn’t have adopted the tradition of bringing Gentleman Jack to our Thanksgiving meal each year, our Scottish ancestors and the manna from heaven that is a decent glass of scotch (and we plan to drink many today…mmmmm peaty).

We’re thankful for the Talking Heads because that’s all we’ve been listening to all morning.

Specifically this song:

We’re thankful for friends in NYC who tolerate our constant random lax talk, our families and the support they give, especially for our siblings who comment on posts to make us feel like someone is reading them.

We’re thankful for cookies. Everyone loves cookies.

We’re thankful for Kanye West because it’s thanks to him that we learned about Taylor Swift, for Miley Cyrus’ Party In The USA because now we have ammunition to constantly make fun of Jumbo Jack.

We’re thankful for Zeus’ Beard, our kickball team, because there’s nothing more uplifting than whooping Hipster ass.

We’re thankful for a decent cup of coffee, Bill Simmons, Jim Beam, and Oregon football smelling roses, for America and our men and women in uniform.  Many of you are spending the day not with family but on far away on distant shores. We’re thinking about you today. Stay safe and be well.

“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.”

Unknown Author

To sum it up, we’re thankful that you, the readers, always come back here for more. Without you, we’re squat. Y’all rock. We’ll keep doin’ that thing we do until you tell us differently.

Enjoy your bird. Get that wishbone.

What are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments.



  1. disappointingly predictable Talking Heads song selection. Also, the name of the band is “Talking Heads,” not “The Talking Heads”.. might seem like a minor distinction, but you never hear anyone refer to The Led Zeppelin