West West Y’all



Who wanna test?
We lickin’ off shots in the west
We make believers out the best
Lay the weak to rest

People under the stairs – L.A. Song

I can’t just sit here while my LAS boys let Mele hate on the West Coast. I know his article was directed at Denver, but we can’t let the lax Mecca of the West (high exaggerated) get trashed. I feel Denver, the Bay, LA, San Diego, Portland Boise and Seattle, all of us are coming up fast in the rankings.


Note to il.com editors – Amy Winehouse called. She wants her crazy back.

Chris Mele – “And the #1 Lax Town Is…”

The areas you mentioned in your argument ( LI, Maryland, Jersey, Upstate Ny and VA) are like the SEC or Big XII in college football. You guys are raw, you been raw for years, you have the tradition, deep roots in the sport, and the arrogance that anyone outside of your area can ball. Now I’m not saying we’re the Pac-10, not even close until we can get over this idiotic, moronic, inefficient Title IX thing (someone call me out on it, do it). We’re more like the Mountain West or the WAC, we’ve got some talent here and there that will surprise, and if enough of it is put together, its gonna silence the haters when they tackle a powerhouse, I.E. Utah over Alabama last year, sorry Jeff, even BYU over Oklahoma this year.

In my experience in the Northwest there have been several older East Coast Lax alums that I have watched in awe, namely Pete Lamb and Joe Kerwin. But for every nasty veteran from the right coast there’s four guys from the East Coast, telling us about how they had a stick in the crib as we’re strappin up, only to get smoked, tooled, and scraped by some dirty (literal def.) Slums of Salem laxers out of Sprauge HS, Salem Ore. Not the Salem where you guys tie some witches to the stake and let it burn like Usher. Now I am not comparing East Lax to West Lax, the normal distribution of talent and skill blows ours out of the water. Rather I am like any Utah, Boise State, BYU, or TCU fan on football forums, admitting y’all are good, but we’re better than you think.

east-vs-west-flyerThis past season MCLA National Champion runner up Chapman beat D-III, 8th ranked, Ithaca, early in the season in California. This game was rematch after the highly controversial game last year after Chapman gave Ithaca a run for its money to the last minute, igniting the lacrosse forums on fire, East vs. West. The East coasters seething with rage at the Westerns taking a fall ball game so seriously and ACTUALLY comparing a New York lacrosse team to some ass backwards, tilt wearing, two handed pickin-uppin, funky jersey wearing team of squares. It was the superiority rage you get when your buddy that’s dating an FC (as in NFC), tells you need to raise your standards for laxtitutes, or when your noob roommate throws a hail mary with Tebow to beat your Fresno State Bulldogs, then tells all your friends he whooped your ass in NCAA ’10 and will never play you again, call it tall man syndrome if you will?

I’m sure there are still doubters out there than think Chapman couldn’t hold Ithaca’s jock strap in a ‘real’ game.

Since you just moved to Denver and cannot stand Colorado’s schwag lacrosse, you should check out Cherry Creek High School. In some twilight zone/ lacrosse anomaly, CCHS beat your boys on Long Island, Wantagh HS, a few years ago in 06, 6-3… in New York! I’m not saying Cherry Creek could beat everyone on Long Island, but they did beat one team from your personal hotbed, so somebody over there can ball right? Oh and last year they beat HS preseason #1 in the country Loyola Blakefield, from Balitmore, another hotbed….. I’m not saying, I’m just saying…..

This wasn’t meant as an attack on East Coast Lax, but just the same as when an Oklahoma or Ohio State (omg the worst) fan brags about how his 2nd string could win the WAC, a fan on the other side must remind him there are areas all across the country where the kids have half the entitlement and twice the determination of the kids at your powerhouses. Remeber Michigan?

West Teams to Watch for: Mercer Island, Issaquah, Sunset, Lake Oswego, Lincoln, Torrey Pines, Fort Collins, and of course Cherry Creek.

About the Writer: Will D aka ‘Maximizing Prophet’ is an ’09 U of Oregon lax grad, after 8 years of taking lacrosse too seriously he is now trying to find a new hobby to distract him from the stress of no lax, the real world, and the constant battle with the future ex wife. Will D. just tries to live his life everyday like Navin R. Johnson.