Why All The D3 Lacrosse Hate, Quint?

jordan macintosh rit

Quint Kessenich’s recent article on InsideLacrosse.com calls out some of the teams and players in the MLL that are either doing well, or in some cases, struggling. It’s a pretty in-depth post on four of the teams in the league, and contains detailed injury reports, updates on who’s hot right now, and some subtle NCAA Division 3 Lacrosse bashing.

Leave Britney alone!

It all starts out innocent enough, as Quint points out that a Denver Outlaws defense sans Eric Martin (Salisbury) is not going to be as strong as it would be otherwise.  That is actually a compliment and when Martin is healthy he’s one of the best in the pro ranks, and he helps make Denver a contender while providing a great mean streak to any defense.

Ok, it’s a nonexistent first example, but I had to get it out of the way. Quint isn’t all negative on the D3 guys. Like I said, it’s subtle. But once you look past Eric Martin, there is a little bite to the writing. Let’s see if you can see what I see. It picks up when Quint, of whom I am usually a big fan, talks about Rochester.

The first target is Jordan MacIntosh:

Jordan MacIntosh (RIT) has a nice handle. Who is this kid?

That is all the love MacIntosh gets. Maybe Quint is just setting up a story for later in the year? But to answer his question, MacIntosh is the kid who scored 128 points at RIT in just two seasons. Don’t care about D3 stats? Ok, he was born in Canada, played box, and played his HS ball on Long Island. (EN: MacIntosh went to Holy Trinity HS in Ontario, not LI. Thanks for keeping me honest, CanLax!) Maybe pedigree isn’t enough either.

jordan macintosh rit
MacIntosh is legit. Please respect him!

Totally fine, because MacIntosh was also the NLL Rookie who scored 51 points this past Winter for Minnesota, while picking up 153 loose balls and winning 151 face offs. He was an NLL All-Star. That’s who he is. Or was Quint just being sarcastic? Like he knows who MacIntosh is, but was just testing his readers?

So who is the next D3 guy to possibly get the subtle shaft? Rochester Face off man, Craig Bunker, formerly of Colby.  This is the rabbit punch Bunker received:

Craig Bunker was an adequate face-off man vs. Chris Eck.

Bunker went 17-35, while Eck went 18-35. Considering Eck can be one of the best FoGos in the league when he’s on, and Bunker is in his first real year, I’d say that’s better than adequate.  Then you take in the fact that Eck was cheating, 17-35 seems pretty darn good! Now I’m not saying Eck cheated, but later in the post, Quint did:

Down. Set. Whistle! Chris Eck (Colgate) has developed an interesting strategy. On every face-off, he hesitates on the down call, hitches with his entire body stepping backward then dropping forward into his crouch. Eck is late on the down call. It’s not an accident. By rule, face-off men are required to approach the ball simultaneously. His illegal maneuver is overlooked by the officials.

So Eck was cheating the whole game, but Bunker’s 17-35 was just adequate? Ouch? That seems unduly harsh.

Mike Stone, legendary Middlebury player is up next.

mike stone lacrosse
Stone was a D3 baller. Awesome lacrosse player.

He’s going to get real love and respect, right? Ah, finally… a real compliment to a D3 player:

Mike Stone (Middlebury) can’t miss. He is getting tons of catch-and-shoot looks from Rabil.

Well, we were close to breaking the cycle, but instead end the post with a qualified compliment. We all know Rabil is the man, but Stone can create on his own and deserves the same credit Buchanan, Poskay and Boyle get.  He also has a ton of unassisted goals, and is often the pass before the assist. Am I being nitpicky here? Yes, but when I looked at the rest of the D3 talk in his post, it just doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Like I said, it’s a subtle final bash.

Listen, I love Quint (now I’m qualifying things…), and this is all in good fun. And no, the D3 guys don’t need me sticking up for them. Quint puts in endless hours of work for the lacrosse world, and he has been growing the game since the days I was just having a toss in the side yard with my mom’s wooden stick from high school… But I still have to ask, what’s up with all the D3 digs right now?

So here’s the real question: Is this real? Or was Quint just writing this for the more casual fan? OR am I just being a big baby because I played D3 lacrosse and I’m not good enough to play in the league? Totally possible.


  1. It is real and what the world needs to learn is that college is not about lacrosse so when a kid goes to MIT it’s not because he couldn’t make it into a D1 lacrosse program. Also most of the kids in D3 programs share teams with some of  the D1 kids and played on the same lines. EX: Billy Eisenreich (Bucknell) and Jeff Keating (Roanoke). This is a clear bashing and it won’t change until people like Quint acknowledge these D3 kids skill

  2. I enjoyed your article. sometimes it’s hard to tell bashing from sarcasm, but anyone who plays Lacrosse at the college level, and also those who make it to the pros, deserve some respect. Or maybe it’s because I’m not even good enough to play NCAA..

    • That is a good point; which is sad. All the negativity towards “lesser” leagues is stupid and holds back the game. If it is true that Quint has that type of “elite D1” attitude we need him gone because he is not helping. 
      D3, D2 and upper MCLA all have great players and teams, most of them can compete with a lot of D1 teams. To ignore or disbelieve this is ignorant. 
      Let’s talk D3: Salisbury and Cortland IMO could compete or be competitive with any D1 team. I haven’t followed D2 very closely this year but, I am sure Dowling, Limestone, Le moyne and Mercyhurst are right up there (if not more teams in D2).I do follow the MCLA a lot more and would say at the end of this year CSU was playing really well, they looked like an upper D3 NCAA team. Cal Poly, BYU, ASU, Chapman were right up there and are solid teams as well.  

      Overall, all the leagues/divisions are important to lacrosse. It helps spreading the game, and legitimizing the game. No good comes from all the bickering of “who is better” especially when most of the people arguing that point are biased and bring little facts to their argument. 

      If it is true that Quint feels like that then that is a shame; I really do like hearing his perspective and reading his articles. 


  3. If you look at the NFL, a ton of the players come from places that many people have never heard of. The cream tends to rise to the crop, and although the path is a million times harder in the MLL with only 6 teams, if a guy is good enough and wants to play, he probably can make it in with tryouts and supplemental drafts, same with any other league.

    That being said, you have to remember this league wants as much exposure as possible and to have the big time college names being showcased later in their careers. You can’t deny that D1 has much more fans than D3, so it’s natural the owners would want those D1 players who fans have heard of instead of a D3 player (who may be as good) but much fewer people have heard of. Hopefully in the future this won’t matter as much, but for now it is what it is.

    I’m all for growing the game at every level, but you also need to look at what’s best for each level. At the D3 level it is getting their players into the pros, but unfortunately for them, in the MLL their best bet is to get fans to follow the league, and if the league is filled with players they’ve heard of before, that’s for the best.

    As for Quint’s bias, I don’t see it. He spends so much time in MLL and D1, he probably legitimately doesn’t know who MacIntosh is. As for Stone, Quint said earlier in that section that Rabil had been dodging and getting lots of open looks for those around them, so the mention of him feeding Stone is just adding on to that earlier point. 

    I doubt Quint has any agenda against anybody, but then again, it’s his job to have an opinion. If no one was arguing with him, he would be the most boring reporter ever. Look at Lee Corso for football, Dick Vitale for basketball. They are hated by millions, but the fact is they are listened to by everyone, whether agreed with or not.

  4. MacIntosh did not go to HS in Long Island, if you’re going to bash Quint (and I don’t have a problem with that) it’ll probably lend more credence to your story if you’ve got all the facts correct…otherwise Quint will just plain old dismiss your ill-informed shots at him.

  5. Ok I’m gonna throw this out there…as a former D1 player, and continuing fan of the college game, does anyone agree with me when I say no one gives a fuck about D2?? I recognize all D1 teams and a ton of the big D3 names, but couldn’t name you 5 D2 teams. Anyone else feel the same way?

      • as a D2 player i know that more than the top 5-10 teams are legit, on some occasions. yes there is more consistency in the top 10, but then again Merrimack lost to SNHU, Assumption beat St. Anselm (who had multiple Top 10 wins), and having watched them personally  Saint Rose (a brand new program) is going to be able to compete the top teams in the VERY near future

  6. I agree with the article, of course Quint and IL in general aren’t going to take D3 seriously, they are way too invested in marketing the Top-20 in D1 and nothing else, because of the early season tournaments they sponsor, too much $$ on the line to give people the impression that there is other good lax out there.

    Its just like how they release the Top 100 recruit lists and no D3 kids make that either, when we all know that there are at least a couple top-50 caliber recruits who chose D3 this year.

    The Mike Stone comments are proof that he tries to find excuses as to why the D3 kids are excelling.  He says he watched the Rochester game and Stone “can’t miss” but gets his looks from Rabil dodges, well, if you watch the game highlights online, 2 of the 3 goals Stone scores were unassisted off of his own nifty dodges.

    Anyone who really watches the MLL knows that what makes Boston so dangerous this year, is that Stone has stepped up and can create his own opportunities, so teams can’t focus on Rabil/Boyle anymore.

    Also, to say “who is this kid” about MacIntosh an NLL All-Star, 2x D3 All-American is just embarrassing.  If Stone/MacIntosh had played in the ACC or at JHU, Quint would be saying how they are the next big thing in the MLL. 

  7. I don’t understand your emphasise on the cheating on the face offs: eck vs. bunker. 
    Hesitating on the down call is something done throughout the leagues. I guarantee you 9/10 refs will never call this. Cheating?
    Whats more like cheating is grabbing the ball, pinning the opponents cross down, or having you foot in the neutral zone. I’d be more careful to what you call cheating.

  8. Interesting that MLL would post this today (5 JUN). Seems that the other NCAA division “issues” have been on other vested parties minds as well.


  9. I was so glad to see this write-up.  I’m an RIT grad who has kept an eye on Jordan since his time there and his headline making play in the NLL didn’t hurt either.  Even though he’s a player I track, making the NLL all-star team as a rookie generally gets you past the “who is this kid?” comments.  I was sitting there scratching my head for awhile after reading it.