Why Lacrosse Deserves More Love


Why Lacrosse Deserves More LoveESPN And Why Lacrosse Deserves More Love


The coverage of lacrosse on ESPN and ESPN 2 is so minuscule that people still ask “what sport is that?” when they see highlights. I would like to see Sportscenter regularly highlight all top 20 D1 games, expand lacrosse knowledge and help it become a mainstream sport. So, why lacrosse deserves more love?

Under the “ALL SPORTS” tab on espn.com, lacrosse comes behind MMA, the WNBA, Poker, High School sports, racing, and recruiting for god’s sake. I don’t understand what people outside of the lacrosse world think when they see lacrosse highlights. Are they confused? Are they annoyed? Are they blind? Every person I know that has watched a lacrosse game for the first time (no matter what level) has been crazy interested the whole game and full of questions after. I don’t think I have ever watched a baseball game without yawning, waiting for it to be over or possibly becoming the next Bartman. As a former baseball player (4-17 years old) I don’t miss baseball. I’ve found a new love in slow pitch softball that fills all my ‘baseball needs’, and now have a lifelong love affair with lax.

Here are a few reasons why lacrosse should inherit some of baseball’s SC time:

Baseball is old and slow1. Baseball is old and slow.

Read Bill Reilly’s article about fixing baseball.

Here’s my solution for fixing baseball: start watching lacrosse so when you do watch baseball it is more fun and not so freaking boring. Lacrosse doesn’t have any of the problems baseball has. No tobacco spit, no steroids, no whiny pitchers, no timer problems (20 seconds to the box, 10 into the box), the players don’t make enough money to complain about anything, balls that hit the pipe are not goals, and most importantly the fan behind the goal is already pouring beer down his shorts on purpose.

Lacrosse is new and exciting2. Lacrosse is new and exciting.

Check out this high school lacrosse highlight featuring West Islip vs. East Islip in a Long Island match up.

If anyone can find a whole nine-inning baseball game that is more exciting than that lacrosse game, please share it with me. I would love to watch nine innings of baseball that includes that much excitement…for the mean time I’ll be here watching lax and hitting the wall.

3. Chicks dig lacrosse players more than baseball players.

Why don’t baseball groupies have cool nicknames?

Face it, girls like exciting sports. They like to see guys run, hit and look stylish at the same time. Lacrosse and football are the ultimate ‘jersey chaser’ sports. The player’s identities are hidden in their helmets, big individuals and the team as a whole make plays, and player attitude is all encompassing.

I tie this into my Coach’s Book of Frustration’s because I see great athletes sitting in the dugout eating corn nuts and wasting their athleticism to hopefully see the field at some point in the season. I hope that these players will just pick up a lacrosse stick, experience a quality game, and realize that there are more options than raking the Varsity diamond when they didn’t even play in their JV game.