Women’s College Lacrosse 2012 Video Explosion

Binghamton Women's LAcrosse lax
Huddle it up, Binghamton!

Much like our weekly college lacrosse video explosion, our 2012 Women’s College Lacrosse Video Explosion features some of the best video out there from the women’s game, and some commentary and extra info to go along with it.  Nothing but the best of the best right here!

Training With Penn State Women’s Lax

PSU has a good vibe going on, eh?  Practice looks loose but helpful and the team seems to have good natural chemistry.  At least from the video it seems that way!  PSU is 11-6 right now and plays at #8 Towson in the first round of the NCAA tournament on May 12th.

Lindenwood Training Video

Lindenwood didn’t make the 6 team field for the Women’s D2 tourney, but they did finish the season at 15-2!  It’s clear that the work they’re putting in during the offseason is paying off.  Last year Lindenwood was 9-7 and if they keep this up, we could see the Lions make serious waves in years to come.

Florida vs. Northwestern


A foolish man once said women’s lacrosse isn’t intense.  Clearly he hasn’t seen Florida and Northwestern play!  These girls go at it hard and it makes for some really exciting highlights.  The pinnacle of the sport sure is pretty!

Utah Women’s Lax

If I played women’s college lacrosse, I’d definitely consider Utah!  We love what the Utes have going on, and we’re impressed with how quickly they’ve made strides.  Utah is 18-6 and ranked #2 in the WCLA Division 2 right now and plays 11-1 Rhode Island in the first round of the playoffs.  Utah is well on their way to being the next varsity team.


The UMass men’s team isn’t the only UMass lax squad that is rolling!  The UMass women are 19-1 and led by former player Angela McMahon, a high school friend of our own Connor Wilson.  McMahon has UMass primed for postseason success, and it’s great to see a Massachusetts native at the helm.  McMahon played at UMass, then transferred to Northwestern, and is now the Head Coach at her original destination as a player.  Coming full circle and seeing a ton of success.  Good luck to Angela and UMass this postseason!

UMass plays at #3 Maryland to open things up in the NCAAs on May 12th.  It’s a tough assignment, and should be a fantastic game.


Fairfield hasn’t had quite the season they hoped for, but they’re improving and have potential next year.  Fairfield is a team heavy on lefties… can that be something to capitalize on as the Stags move forward?

Towson at Hopkins

Who hates great highlights?  We certainly don’t!  And these were pretty great.  Towson ended the season with the #8 seed in the NCAA tournament, while Hopkins took #2.  Impressive work by Hop Lax on both the men’s and women’s sides!