Continuing Down The Path

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Good Labor Day morning!

One of my buzz words for this year has been FORWARD. It will probably continue to be one of my buzz words through the end of the year, into next year, and beyond. Sometimes progress happens a lot slower than we expect. And while it’s tough to swallow, I occasionally have to remind myself that any progress is a good thing. As long as I’m not standing still or moving backward then I’m on the right path. There are always setbacks. There are always obstacles. There are always reasons why things do not get done the way that we plan them in our minds. But that should not deter us continuing the path.

In sports, for example, there are times when things just are not going your way. Bad calls, missed calls, poor decision making (players and coaches), mental mistakes, funny bounces, slips, etc. The opposing team will go on a run, or catch a hot streak. Your team may hit a dry spell. Shots aren’t falling. Passes aren’t where they need to be. Balls aren’t being caught. All kinds of different things can go wrong throughout the course of a game, but the task at hand is always to limit and control the things you have control over, and despite the things that you cannot control, to move forward in an effort to win, or improve. Usually in sports, if bad calls cost your team a game, you haven’t done enough throughout the game to win it. So instead of focusing on that, you handle the things that you can handle. If your team is consistently making the same mistakes, and it’s costing you games, then it’s time to address those mistakes if you have any plans of moving forward. Life is no different.

Many of us have plans to be or do something more. Whether it’s earning more playing time, improving grades, making a relationship work, or running our own company, there will be hindrances. Moving forward is much easier when you know what’s holding you back. Distinguish which things you can control and which are beyond control. Address what you can as quickly as possible.

Make it a GREAT week!

be easy

God bless.

Chazz Woodson