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It’s OK To Be Flawed

0 - Published October 21, 2013 by in LAS Insider, The Life, Words of Wisdom

Good Monday morning!

Maybe I’m wrong. I’m pretty sure that there was a time in the past (possibly a past life) where I could really sing. I mean, I could drop notes like it was my business. In fact, I’m not really sure why I was never awarded a multimillion dollar recording contract. I guess the world was sleeping on me. I like to recall these good ol’ days fondly though. I like to let the world (mostly me, because I’m all alone when I do it) remember the days when I could hit the extended high note, or if the situation called for it, hit that smooth Barry White bass line. Oh yes … My range was impeccable! But like many shower and car vocalists - none of you, I’m sure – there comes a time when we come to grips with the fact that we’ll never receive that contract. It’s not that we can’t sing. Just that we can’t sing like we used to (Ignore the fact that we never really used to sing… but the world doesn’t know that, right?).
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