The Power Of Reputation

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Reputation is made in a moment. Character is built in a lifetime. – James Leggett

One of my recent coaches used to remind us that “your reputation is who people perceive you to be, and your character is who you are.” Each of these is a slightly different spin the same general concept. Our character is a more valuable, but our reputation is what the majority of the world knows, and it’s important for two different reasons. First, character may be more valuable, but reputation is more powerful. It only takes one slip up to ruin your reputation, particularly in the age of social media and instant access. Second, character and reputation can only be two separate identities for so long. At some point they merge into one. Our reputation becomes our character. Don’t put too much stock into what one person says or thinks about you. Your reputation with one person is often of little importance in the grand scheme of things. If it’s not consistent with what you know to be true about yourself, it’s not worth the headache. At some point, however, if you hear the same thing enough times from enough different people, it’s time to take a look in the mirror. be easy God bless. Chazz Woodson