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You Got Knowledge and Other Suckas Lack It

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“It’s crazy to see people be what society wants them to be. But not me! Ruthless…Is the way to go they know, Others say rhymes that fail to be original.”

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas to make LacrosseAllStars even better. 

So, the question is…

What do you want to see on

  1. A Twist… Different coverage perhaps? A new weekly segment? A new writer?
  2. Forumz… Do you wanna forum? Cuz we can forum all night long. Let’s get more social. Any ideas?
  3. Flicks… Lax videos? Word. We can handle that.
  4. Tunes, TV reviews & Spaghettios. Yes, those are in the cards too. GMODT and Jumbo Jack are masters of many, many things.

Get the picture? The possibilities are endless. Drop a line in COMMENTS and let us know what your heart desires. WE WILL HOOK IT UP.

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Ryan Craven is a Co-Founder of Lax All Stars and has taken his passion for lacrosse from coast to coast and back again. Contact him at [email protected]

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