Zack Greer: A lesson on loyalty


Zack GreerPic Credit: Sam HillFormer Duke Blue Devil Zack Greer is currently the NCAA all-time leader in goals scored in Division 1. Greer sits at two hundred and six goals for his career and isn’t done adding to this impressive total.  Where he’s playing lacrosse this year might suprise you…

The 6-foot-2 attackman led the nation in scoring in each of the last three seasons with 57 in 2005, 67 in 2007 and scoring 65 this past spring. The 67 goals scored in 2007 was the fifth-best all-time for goals in a season in NCAA history; his 57 in ’05 set an NCAA record for goals by a freshman. (via Bryant Athletics)

Because of the now infamous Duke rape scandal that rocked the lacrosse world, Zack Greer was not allowed to play during  the 2006 season in Durham. After the dust had settled, Greer was given one extra year of eligibility by the NCAA. With that 5th year, Greer could have easily returned to Duke and continued his dominance at a big-time program with lots of national clout.  Despite many people welcoming him back to his old program, Greer felt the need to pack up and bring his game to a school in Rhode Island. Why?


–noun, plural -ties.
1. the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.
2. faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc.
3. an example or instance of faithfulness, adherence, or the like: a man with fierce loyalties.


Greer had a tough choice to make but in the end decided to follow his former Head Coach, Mike PresslerMike Pressler Greer had a tough choice to make but in the end decided to follow his former Head Coach, Mike Pressler, to little Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  Pressler moved to Bryant after being fired by Duke during the height of the media frenzy over the rape allegations. Greer will attend Bryant even though the team will not be able to participate in post-season play while they complete their transition to a full D-1 schedule.

Bryant University will begin its first year competing in Division I in 2008-09. The Bulldogs posted a school-record 14 wins during Pressler’s second season with the Bulldogs this past spring, guiding Bryant to its first-ever NCAA (Division II) tournament appearance. (via Bryant Athletics)

Greer was immediatly embraced by his new teammates and quickly named a team captain upon his arrival in Smithfield. His decision to stick by his coach was an inspiration for both his new teammates and Greer was immediatly embraced by his new teammateseveryone in Lax Nation.

On a personal note, I had the honor of meeting Pressler when I attended the “3-Day February Vacation” Bryant Bulldogs Lacrosse Camp. Pressler was an amazing teacher and the facilities were unbelievable. The field was fantastic and the campus was just as good, too. In the end, it was not surprising that Greer would want to play for Bryant and continue learning from Coach Pressler.

You can catch Zack Greer adding to his historic goal tally this February 16th when the Bulldogs face-off against Virginia at 4:00 PM.

(editors note: article has been edited to reflect more accurately the events in question)


  1. a couple of factual corrections. 1. Zac Greer WAS able to attend classes that spring 2006 – it’s just the lacrosse schedule and team which was cancelled. and 2. Zac Greer was NOT one of the 3 charged – and therefore wasn’t "not found guilty." of course bryant embraced him – it’s a way to get national attention; it’s not because they are humanistic. and, many on that duke lacrosse team were not pressler fans so let’s not make him a saint.

  2. Laxman1: thank you for your input on TK’s post. We always try to make sure to get our facts straight and some minor changes have been made to correct the items you mentioned.

    The editors would love to know more about the players on the Duke team that were "not Pressler fans". I would mention that Pressler was recently named the Head Coach of Team USA for the 2010 FIL World Championships, an honor that’s not usually given to bad coaches. If you have any other information that we missed then feel free to shoot me other comments or story ideas at

    Thanks again for reading!