Peter Baum, LXM PRO and Adrenaline Athlete
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Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Peter Baum and the Next NCAA to LXM Star

With the 2013-2014 LXM PRO season having wrapped up a few weeks ago with a final stop in Los Angeles, the 2014 NCAA lacrosse season now underway, STX becoming an official Major League Lacrosse partner, and now Adrenaline and LXM PRO joining forces with the MLL, I can’t help but wonder who the next LXM star will be.

The situation is a little different now with players being able to play in both the LXM PRO tour and Major League Lacrosse, but the fact remains that being an LXM star isn’t the same as just being a lacrosse star or an MLL star. Being a true LXM PRO star means also being an Adrenaline Athlete, so besides being the go to guy on the field, you must also be Adrenaline’s go to guy off the field for marketing and promotions.

To get a sense of what type of my player might be best suited for the LXM PRO tour, I spent much of the LXM PRO 805 event in L.A. focused on Peter Baum, who of course was 2013’s NCAA to LXM star.

Peter Baum lacrosse shooting clinic at LXM PRO

Baum, the teacher

What makes being an LXM PRO star so interesting is that it’s truly a full time job. While some players on the tour simply show up on game day, the true LXM star players like Kyle Harrison, Sam Bradman, and Baum, among others, live lacrosse 24/7 through their sponsorships and the obligations that go with them.

The sometimes hectic schedule of an LXM star is best described by Baum himself.

Each LXM event is a little bit different…the days are pretty long, with coaching, clinics, and of course the LXM PRO games.”

As an Adrenaline Athlete, Baum also takes part in various photo shoots, acts as an Adrenaline Starz tryout evaluator, and more. Wearing “so many different hats throughout the day” is fun for Baum, though, and being an Adrenaline Athlete also bears extra meaning: “It’s particularly special for a West Coast born player like me, who grew up with the brand.” In its truest form, an Adrenaline Athlete and an LXM player like Peter Baum is an ambassador of the brand and a teacher of the game of lacrosse.

Peter Baum and Team STX warming up at LXM PRO Los Angeles

Baum, the student

Even at with his prowess, Peter Baum, a former Tewaaraton trophy winner, is a student of the game. “My game has come a long ways,” said Baum when asked about how he has grown since his first LXM PRO event back in June 2012, which was held in conjunction with the Adrenaline All-American Game.

Being around guys like Kyle Harrison and Sam Bradman…a lot of their professionalism has rubbed off on me.”

Baum also mentioned how much he has enjoyed playing with with the Ritz brothers:

Max and Xander… are such cerebral lacrosse players. I have definitely learned a ton from them.”

Peter Baum scores a goal for Team STX at LXM PRO Los Angeles

Baum, the competitor

Baum’s Team STX controlled the game early on, but a second half surge by Maverik United made the game very exciting. STX eventually pulled off the win in overtime, and their success certainly had something to do with Baum’s prowess – he had nine points in the game, including seven goals. It wasn’t until after the game that I learned he was a bit under the weather. Despite the long day of coaching and leading clinics, and the fact that he was sick, when it came to game time, he just wanted to win. Peter Baum is a competitor.

The Next LXM Star?

So what type of player are we looking for in the college ranks to be the next big LXM PRO name? One who wants to be a teacher, a student, a competitor, and ultimately, a game grower. Peter Baum was the number one overall pick in Major League Lacrosse, but he chose to forego playing in what many consider the better professional lacrosse association in order to tour with LXM PRO and grow the game. So maybe the question we really should be asking isn’t which NCAA star will become the next LXM star, but rather which NCAA player is ready to tour the country in an effort to grow the game by showcasing professional lacrosse?

The interest from players looking to be involved in LXM has never been higher.”

This quote of course came before the MLL-LXM deal was announced, and now that it’s official, interest must be through the roof for players to play year round field lacrosse. Among NCAA players, Baum said that he’s very interested in watching Wes Berg (Denver), Tom Schreiber (Princeton), Jordan Wolf (Duke), Justin Ward (Loyola), and Austin Kaut (Penn State), but he wasn’t ready to make any predictions about who would be joining the LXM tour. Will any of these players join both LXM and MLL? Probably. But will any of them make the full commitment to Adrenaline and LXM PRO such as Baum? It seems we will just have to wait until the end of the 2014 NCAA lacrosse season to find out.

Got a prediction on who will be the next star in the LXM PRO? Drop your best guesses in the comments below!