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10 Club Lax Commandments

10 Commandments of Club Lacrosse

Today, we are happy to bring you the 10 Commandments of Club Lacrosse! Here’s what it takes to become a true clubber.

10 Club Lax Commandments

Today, we are happy to bring you the 10 Commandments of Club Lacrosse! In life, one may take cues from religion or family or a number of other sources, but when it comes to club laxing, we felt a club lacrosse specific Decalogue was in order!

Playing summer Club Lacrosse is not easy. It takes money, time, effort and a sheer dedication to finding success on the playing field – especially for those of us past our prime (read: over 23 years of age and not a pro!). So, join us below as we lay out the ten principles that will help YOU have the best club lacrosse experience possible, no matter your age, weight, level of play, or even your religion!

The Ten Commandments Of Club Lacrosse

1. Thou shall talk about club lacrosse more than thou plays club lacrosse.

2. Thou shall not idolize thy peers on other club lacrosse teams.

3. Thou shall not talk badly of club lacrosse or thy club lacrosse teammates.

4. Thou shall always rest thy hallowed body after every weekend tournament.

5. Thou shall honor thy team organizers, that your team may be long-lasting.

6. Thou shall not threaten lives with thy body or stick.

7. Thou shall not ice the goalie.

8. Thou shall not steal lonely wands from the grass.

9. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy referee or opponent.

10. Thou shall not covet thy opponent’s uniform or resources.

These are the rules to live by in the Club Lacrosse world! It’s all about doing the right thing and keeping the focus on the place it should be: YOU! Club lacrosse is all about responsibility and accountability, and making sure all the effort is well worth the fight. By following the ten commandements above, you and your team will be well on your way to glory.

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Club Lacrosse
The 10 Club Lacrosse Commandments in full effect!
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