1000 Ways to Train with Notre Dame
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1000 Ways to Train for Lacrosse

Recently on 1000 Ways to Train for Lacrosse, we featured a killer arm workout thanks to Notre Dame lacrosse. After posting that article, Coach Gerry Byrne commented on the article saying, Notre Dame could have 1,000 ways to train on their own. That got us thinking, why not dedicate a whole issue to Notre Dame? They have their own YouTube channel with an entire playlist solely for the purpose of training.

With the Irish off to a stellar 5-1 start on the season, we knew there was no better time to do it. Good luck this weekend Irish!

And so 1000 Ways To Train For Lacrosse continues…

74. Fall Training and Testing

Circuit training, heavy lifting, footwork, speed tests, this video has it all. How hard you push yourself in the off season is a great gauge of how much potential you’ll have to go deep in the regular season.

75. Agility Drills

Footwork drills are bomb, as this video is proof of. They help with your first step, overall footwork, then your obvious speed and agility. The Notre Dame agility drills feature multiple cone drills, competitive races that help add to the training, and even some interesting fox and hound type footwork drills. Don’t forget your hurdles and speed ladders!

76. The ‘Beep’ Test

No one likes the Beep test, but its effectiveness can’t be argued. It forces you to run several quick sprints at a pretty steady pace with limited rest in between each leg. The next beep always seems to come just a bit too soon.

77. The Hills that Kills

Notre Dame’s very own Rocky IV training (the best Rocky in my opinion). Nothing like running sprints up a hill. This one really helps to emphasize great sprinting form and will really put a burn on those quads. You know you’re in trouble when the coaches start betting on who the first to puke will be. Coach Byrne even gets in on this one!

Notre Dame dedicates three videos to their hill workout. With an emphasis of power, determination and drive, this is a great workout to put in your repertoire for your own use.

78. The Mean 15

It’s all about the extra reps. Notre Dame puts together a circuit workout to get 15 minutes of extra hand speed and foot speed. What are you doing, that your opponent isn’t?

79. Bench Squats

Get your butt down! There is no question if you got low enough when you use something like a bench as a point to reach.

80. Tire Flips

‘Tires never get tired’, love that title. Get low, power through the flip, there is just something great about flipping and throwing things around. #ManWorkout

81. A Farmer’s Walk to Remember

Pretty sure ND gets the award for most creative video titles, Mandy Moore has nothing on this walk. Build up that arm strength with a good ole Farmer’s Walk. At the very least, you’re handshakes will start to improve.

82. Non-Stop Hip-Hop

Don’t forget to keep your knees up, no one wants to be the guy who kicks over the hurdle. These will be sure to give you that explosion you need to beat your man off the line.

83. The Running Man

These aren’t your typical treadmills. The harder you run, the faster the treadmill goes. No denying hard work during this workout.

Notre Dame doesn’t mess around when it comes to training, these videos are proof of that.

Until next time, only 917 to go!

An important note about trainingYou should always consider your own goals and decide what you want to accomplish during training. Most importantly though, always learn how to properly do an exercise before you start doing it. As very few of us are experts in Sports Science or Medicine, we always recommend doing your own research and finding credible trainers to teach you how to train. Train smart, train safe, train hard, lax on.

1,000 is a big number. Please share your favorite lifts and exercises in the comments section (or email us at info@lacrosseallstars.com) so we can add them to our list and reach the big 1-0-0-0.