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1000 Ways to Train for Lacrosse

The offseason is one of the best times for players to train. No school, no homework, but plenty of time to hit the gym, rips some shots off, and visit your friendly neighborhood wall. Recently, Connor came across a great video from YouTube discussing the advantages of Isometric training. The guy in the video, Domonique Hargrove spoke with Ryan Flanagan and Chazz Woodson about why they use isometric training and how that can help improve your own.

And so 1000 Ways To Train For Lacrosse continues…

What is Isometric Training?

84. Flex Arm Hang

85. Iso Push-Up

86. Isometric Emphasis DB Bench

87. IE Pull Up

88. IE Rope Pull Ups

89. Iso Explode KB Squat to Jump Squat

90. Iso Explode RFESS to RFESS Jump

For more isometric exercises, check out EliteFits,com!

Until next time, only 910 to go!

An important note about trainingYou should always consider your own goals and decide what you want to accomplish during training. Most importantly though, always learn how to properly do an exercise before you start doing it. As very few of us are experts in Sports Science or Medicine, we always recommend doing your own research and finding credible trainers to teach you how to train. Train smart, train safe, train hard, lax on.

1,000 is a big number. Please share your favorite lifts and exercises in the comments section (or email us at so we can add them to our list and reach the big 1-0-0-0.