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#10VE – The Kip Taviano Story – A Rememberance

Furman kicked off their inaugural season this past weekend with a 13-6 loss to Lehigh. Their next game comes on February 9th when the Paladins host UNC. While the team will be trying for a win, it’s going to be an uphill battle against one of the best and most established teams in the country. Furman will rely on the memory of James “Kip” Taviano to push them through, and it’s a story you should know too.

“I have this opportunity he never had.” – Coach Richie Meade on the mentality Furman players take when they look at Kip’s jersey, which hangs in their locker room.


Kip lost his life in a car accident before he ever got to Furman, but the team still thinks of him often, and plays in his memory. It’s a powerful message of remembrance, and how it can all be taken away in a heartbeat. While you’re here on this Earth, work hard, and be a good person. It’s the Kip Taviano way.