Cody McEvoy box lacrosse
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Is this 11 year old the next John Grant Jr?

This is 11 year old Cody McEvoy, last year his box coach gave him the nickname Sunshine and it stuck. I’m guessing that’s his mom you hear cheering for him so proudly in the videos you’re about to watch.

He’s 11 according to the birth certificate, but is considered 12 years old for box which last season he played pee wee. Next season he moves up to bantam and will be playing with the Newtown Golden Eagles minors lacrosse team and the Jr WarChiefs in the winter.


This past season he was one of two captains for his Newtown team in which Cody runs point, takes face offs and is on the power play team. You can see in the videos that you can count on him to play defense too.

This kid loves lax, from playing box and field to watching games, dyeing heads and learning to string. Sunshine’s passion for the game helped to earn him a spot as team captain.


Cody led his Newtown team to the championship game but fell short to arch rivals, the Onondaga RedHawks.

Check out just a few of Cody’s highlight plays.

Don’t miss the rest of his dad’s playlist for dozens of videos killin’ it in the box and on the field!

He plans to attend St. Joes Collegiate Academy for high school, where he already plays summer field. It was through St. Joes that he had the opportunity to ball boy during a team Canada selection scrimmage against Robert Morris. It was there he met his heroes John Grant Jr. and Brodie Merrill.

Cody had been balling for five years and three years of real box. He has been playing football since he was six, but his had assures us he still everyday he shoots on his net and plays wall ball daily. He’s also a traditional enthusiast like myself.

We want to wish Cody the best of luck in lacrosse and however he choses to succeed in life.