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12 Days of Laxmas: It’s Time!

UPDATE: We’ll add links to each day’s announcement below…

DAY 1 – Charles Tracy

DAY 2 – Anthony Amaral

DAY 3 – Candace Fong

DAY 4 – Martin Wood

DAY 5 – Branden Bugg

DAY 6 – Glenn Sticher

DAY 7 – Zack Sands

DAY 8 – Connor King

DAY 9 – Griffin Gruse

DAY 10 – Tyler Campbell

DAY 11 – Sharon Portwood

DAY 12 – Kyle Decker


Just like our 2012 Holiday Grab Bags, the 12 Days of Laxmas are back and better than ever! Before we get into the details of this year’s sweepstakes, here’s a very special message from Santa Claus himself:

With Maverik and Cascade stepping in as this year’s sponsors, the 12 days of Laxmas are guaranteed to be superb. The giveaways will kick off tomorrow (featuring something only a true winner would wear), and they’ll continue for 12 days straight, ending Dec. 25th – Christmas Day.

Laxmas 2012

To enter the 12 Days of Laxmas sweepstakes, simply fill out the form below. If you purchased a Holiday Grab Bag, you were already automagically entered, so no need to worry. We got you!

In addition to all the giveaways we’ll be announcing on our website, Maverik and Cascade have also given us the go-ahead to raffle off a Cascade Factory Custom Helmet at the end of the 12 Days of Laxmas to one lucky person who takes a few extra steps to spread the word on Facebook. Stay tuned to the Maverik Lacrosse and Cascade Lacrosse Facebook pages, as more information on how to enter will be released very soon.

This means 13 giveaways in total, and lots of holly jolly winners to close out an awesome year!