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1975 Philadelphia Wings Video

The year was 1975. The NLL had just started up and the Philadelphia Wings were the most popular team in this brand new professional sports league. Greats like Jim Wasson, John Grant Senior, and the Lloyd brothers played in the league, the helmets didn’t have face masks and the sticks were all made out of wood. The shorts were also truly short.

Here is the video in even better quality!

Basketball, football, hockey, and soccer all look different today than they did in 1975, but no sport looks quite as different as lacrosse, whether its indoors or outdoors. The stick technology, speed of the game, size and athleticism of players, and video technology has changed so much, it almost doesn’t fell like we’re really even watching the same sport!

If you think there was better video than what was taken above, think again. The above video was put together by NFL Films, and when it comes to sports it doesn’t get a lot better than that in terms of quality. Nowadays you get the below online, and complain when its not in HD!