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1980 Pepsi Lacrosse Commercial

1980 Pepsi Lacrosse Commercial – Throwback Thursday

This 1980 Pepsi Lacrosse Commercial is amazing on so many levels! It’s been a while since we posted a TBT post, so welcome to an Instant CLASSIC on LAS!

This 1980 Pepsi Lacrosse Commercial is amazing on so many levels! Welcome to a CLASSIC #TBT on LAS! It’s been a while since we posted a Throwback Thursday post, but this video sent over to us by Eddie Montenegro was simply way too good to pass up!

This is a Pepsi Lacrosse Commercal from 1980. It has all the marks of 80s awesomeness, and it features a lacrosse game. Obviously, we love it. While Coca-Cola might be the “lacrosse soda of our time”, Pepsi used to be interested in the game too! Maybe the next great soda war will play out on a lax field. Coke Vs Pepsi… in LACROSSE. That would be weird, but awesome.

1980 Pepsi Lacrosse Commercial

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Pepsi 1980 Lacrosse Commercial”]

Let’s look deeper at some of the bizarre scenes from the above 1980 Pepsi lacrosse commercial:

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1) Are there fans standing behind the goal? Yes, and there are also fans sitting behind the goal. That’s just dangerous, but then again, it was 80s, and danger was our middle name.

2) The team in orange is terrible at hitting. Also, its says “LACROSSE” on the front of their jerseys. Awesome.

3) At the :08 second mark, a player in yellow makes a one hand, behind the back, spinning pass. That happens, right?

4) At the :10 second mark, a defender dives forward to catch a ball. WHY?

5) At the :20 second mark, two female fans go CRAZY about a roll dodge. To be fair, it was a nice roll dodge.

6) In the same play, you also see a guy get taken out at the knees. Would that be a penalty today? No contact made to the head!

Of course the 1980 Pepsi Lacrosse Commercial isn’t the ONLY cool old lacrosse-themed commercial out there, and Nike actually put together an awesome spot, from around the same period of time. Unfortunately, someone got all angry and the video was taken down. LAME!

And who could forget this classic Bud Light commercial featuring Casey Powell?

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Bud Light Lacrosse Comercial featuring Casey Powell and Simon Rhee.”]

This is the lacrosse equivalent of Indiana Jones just shooting the sword guy with a gun. Classic.

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