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1994 Men’s Lacrosse National Championship Highlights

Some highlights from 1994 where Virginia and Princeton played for the National Championship. It’s pre-offset, pre-titanium, and the era of bucket helmets, but these guys can straight up PLAY!

20 years have not passed since 1994, and yet at times, it can seem like a different era completely, especially on the lacrosse field. Bucket helmets were all the rage, titanium poles didn’t exist (EN: at least not in mass quantities, see a comment below for more on that) and offset technology wouldn’t find its way into the game for another couple years.

The above being said, these guys can seriously ball, and many of them would still be wizards with a stick in today’s game. Player of today may be bigger, stronger and faster, but are their skills really better? Remember to take into account the sticks these guys were using! You just know guys like Michael Watson would still be ballers…

The goal at the :50 second mark would still be a highlight reel goal today.

What would be the outcome if Princeton or Virginia of 1994 played Princeton or Virginia of today? I’d pay good money to see that game.

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