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2010: The Year Of Chill?

Our writer thinks he found out the theme for the 2010 MCLA season. Trust us….The Dude abides on this one.

Every season has a theme or fad that goes along with it.  For a lot of the LAS staff members, it’s become clear that the NCAA has decided this is the “Year of the White Helmet” thanks to Princeton, Denver, Duke on occasion, and Virginia (only to mention a few).

Meanwhile in the MCLA we’ve drooled over the “Babe City” tanks down in Chaptown and begged for months that Con Bro Chill and the fellas let us buy some. Then Colorado came out with their unique brand of shirts.

One team coming up with dope gear is odd. Two? Now it’s starting to be noticeable. Three teams getting all left brain on the traditional schwag and daring to show some personality? Now it’s becoming a full blown movement.

That’s what happened when the lax heads out in New Hampshire decided to get cooking on original gear of their own. All of us at LAS can appreciate a good mustache (there are Facebook photos to prove it) so we have a soft spot for this stuff.

Check out the new challenger to the Lax Bro Tank Top Throne via the UNH Men’s Lacrosse blog:

Chill. This one simple word has gotten the Wildcats to where we are this season. In the past, we have been a team full of hootin’ and hollerin, loud warmups, and screaming coaches. No more.

A lot of this has come from the vibes of other successful MCLA teams, and we have taken that approach to northeast. In Boulder, there is no choice but to chill. Everyone is relaxed, people are nice, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Out in Cali, Connor Martin and Chapman are one of the most successful clubs in the country, and their team is simply a bunch of bros who post ridiculous videos on the internet about flow. Chaptown was the inspiration for our tanks.

Do any other squads plan on coming up with new creative gear in time for Nationals? Holler at us and we’ll make sure to highlight you on the site. Ya never know, it could make your team bigger than Bieber.

Chapman AKA Chaptown

Colorado AKA Red Hot Buffs

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