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2011 LAS Reader Survey Highlights

Lol cat lacrosse survey computer
Yes, yes you can.

To everyone who took the time to fill out our 2011 Reader Survey, a huge THANK YOU is in order. We’ve read every response  and we’re continually amazed by the passion many of you have for the sport.

Since you took the time to share, we wanted to give back by showcasing just a few of our favorite responses along with a quick reaction from the LAS peanut gallery.

But first, check out this word cloud made up of all the survey responses. Pretty awesome.

Now on to our favorite quotes from the 2011 Reader Survey…

Survey Question: Is there anything…you’d like to share with the staff at (Honest feedback, ideas, criticisms, etc.)

“I love this website… have Connor change his cable provider so he can talk about MLL next year…don’t sell out, keep things simple and you will keep on finding success.”

Words to live by.

“Overall LAS Crew – 2 Thumbs Up. I only have two so it makes it tough to do more…Also, come to San Diego – i’ll buy you a burrito.”

Who has two thumbs and and likes that comment? This guy. San Diego burrito’s are so good we might just have to take you up on your offer.

“Keep it up, I greatly enjoy reading your blogs while I visit the bathroom. Your blogs are the perfect length.”

Ummm thank you? We guess? Let’s just move on.

“This may sound corny but I appreciate that you guys feel like any dude (or bro) who I’m friends with and/or grew up with.”

Not corny at all. Maybe we could all meet up with the burrito guy and hang out.

“No one says “Cali.” Tell everyone from every other state this information. Every time someone says “Cali” instead of California it just pisses me and everyone from California off. Thanks!”

Noted. This public service announcement brought to you by the  people who say ORY-GUN and BOI-SEE, and those who know how to correctly pronounce Houston Street in Manhattan.

“Good luck with the massive spreadsheet this is going to generate…”

Truer words have never been written. 

Stay tuned for more from the 2011 Lax All Stars Reader Survey, and thank you again to all who participated.