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Brown Cornell lacrosse Ivy league 2010
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2012 Video Look: Brown State Lacrosse

Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island is a top flight academic and lacrosse institute, and although they graduated a good deal of their punch from last year, expectations are still very high for Brown State in 2012!

We’ll be following Brown State Lacrosse this year very closely (more to come on that later!) but for now, check out Brown’s 2012 promo video, and whet your appetite for even more Brown lax this Spring!!!  We hear Brown will be back in Brown helmets this year… but they might not be Cascades!  You can probably guess where that’s going!!!!

Brown State Lacrosse 2012 from Brown Men’s Lacrosse on Vimeo.

Brown Cornell lacrosse Ivy league 2010
Brown - Cornell in 2010.

Photo courtesy and Rich Barnes.  Rich is easily one of the best in the biz and has been for years!  In the northeast, especially the upstate/Cortland, NY area and want Rich to shoot your games?  I would!  Reach Rich through his website.