2013 Major League Lacrosse Supplemental Draft

brett queener MLL all star game
Queener is loving it.

The Supplemental Draft for the 2013 Major League Lacrosse season went down at 1pm on Wednesday afternoon, and all eight teams picked up some guys that could eventually see the field, or fill a vacant spot. It’s always tough to crack an MLL game roster, but some of these guys have a pretty good shot at it.

1Rochester (from Ohio) Mark Millon At 42, can he take a full season of MLL beatings? Probably.
2Hamilton Kevin Cunningham Hamilton needs help in their midfield. Good pick.
3Charlotte Tim Desko Not a surprise he’s a first rounder.
4Ohio (from Rochester) Jeff Ledwick Scoring Mid with good size and potential.
5Long Island Kevin Ridgway Long Island needed a defender. Solid.
6Boston Chris Mattes Does Boston need F/O help?
7Denver Charlie Cipriano Jesse Schwartzmann gets a back up.
8Hamilton (from Chesapeake) Evan Kirk Canadian Goalie whose stock is rising.
9Rochester (from Ohio) Dan Cocchi Dman, good with a pole or shortie.
10Hamilton Sam Devore Ex Hop defender. Could play.
11Charlotte Tim Fallon Solid M/FO option. Loves lacrosse.
12Rochester Thomas Wood UNC attackman. Scoring is good!
13Rochester (from Long Island) Pat Dutton Played for Rochester in the past. Mid.
14Boston Tom Celentani Big UMass boy. Could see time.
15Denver Tom Compitello Stout LI style attackman. Baller.
16Chesapeake Grant Kaleikau Baller. Watch this guy.
17Ohio Art Kell Good player that could make that team.
18Hamilton Alex Demopolous Will score goals for you. count on it.
19Ohio (from Charlotte) Diogo Godoi Athletic, mean defenseman from UMass.
20Rochester Kyle Buchanan Canadian RMU player. Some potential here.
21Long Island Andrew Hennesey F/O guy. Could be a 2nd option in LI.
22Boston Mike Gabel Very solid, but breaking through is hard.
23Denver Jimmy Dailey Former Stevenson player with slick quickness.
24Chesapeake Brett Manney Plenty of talent with the Bhawks, but Manney is good.
25Ohio Tim Kaiser Another UNC defender with some potential.
26Hamilton John Cunningham Princeton defender.
27Charlotte Nick O’Hara Duke defender with good wheels in college.
28Rochester Brian Neufeld Scorer. Could find a spot there.
29Ohio (from Long Island) Tim McCormack UMass goalie.
30Boston Ryan Nizolek Unprotected, then drafted again. Could see time.
31Ohio (from Denver) JJ Miller D3 Messiah guy. F/O and more?
32Chesapeake Casey Powell Wait, didn’t he retire from the MLL? Maybe not!
33Denver (from Ohio) Ethan Vedder Could see time for Denver, has experience.
34Hamilton Matt Messina Skilled and tough, an interesting option.
35Chesapeake (from Charlotte) Mark Staines Brings some youth and size.
36Chesapeake (from Rochester) Jamie Lincoln A scorer who could work in MD.
37Long Island Matt Cannone Salisbury guy, great stick.
38Boston Scott LaRue Been drafted before, people clearly like what they see.
39Chesapeake (from Denver) Bruce Bickford Off to Chesapeake from Boston? Seems so.
40Boston (from Chesapeake) JJ Gilbane young, fast, cornell grad. wheels help.
41OhioScott Perri Former Drexel attackman. Very good player.
42Hamilton Al Kohart Penn middie has been close before.
43Denver (from Charlotte)Adam Jones I like this pick. Guy has potential.
44Boston (from Rochester) Matin BowesAlways been a scoring machine, how about the MLL?
45Long Island Justin Smith Nothing wrong with experience.
46Boston Jeff Brown Denver player originally from Mass.
47Chesapeake (from Denver) Tony Mendes If he’s fast nowadays, he has a shot.
48Chesapeake Dan Hardy Big scoring machine. Great pick up.
49Ohio Rob Fortunato UVA Goalie. Quiet player, but very good.
50Hamilton Rhys Duch Say it with me… Canadian All – Star.
51Charlotte Carter Bender Another very good Hartford player.
52Rochester Jordan Levine Good potential pick up.
53Long Island Parker McKee If he got faster, he’s in business.
54Boston Jeff Cohen Harvard guy. Could find a role.
55Long Island (from Denver) Matt Bernier Penn State, athletic.
56Chesapeake Chris Schiller Old faithful. I like it!
57Chesapeake (from Ohio) Joe Marra Goalie. Potential. Good pick.
58Hamilton Brice Queener Plays like Brett, except he plays attack. Somehow that makes sense.
59Charlotte Matt Madalon D3 goalie, good player, more depth.
60Rochester Jason LaShomb smaller D2 guy from “hurst but he’s a winner.
61Long Island Chris Langton I like this pick up.
62Boston Craig Bunker Ok, are there F/o issues in Boston?
63Denver Tom Guadagnalo Good pick up, potential is there.
64Chesapeake Neil Hicks For a Notre Dame guy, he;s downright flashy!
65Ohio Anthony Toresco UMass love continues.
66Hamilton Devan Spilker Has seen a little MLL time. Good player.
67Charlotte Kyle Moeller Stony Brook pole with handle.
68Rochester Jake Deane Haven’t heard this name in a while! Good to see.
69Long Island Joey Kemp Great collegiate keeper.
70Boston Patrick Gaffney Former Endicott defender with good size.
71Denver Dan Deckelbaum Back to Denver!
72Chesapeake Zach Angel Gtown grad, has potential.
73Ohio Will HarringtonTowson! Finally a Tiger. Good player.
74Hamilton Brian Caufield Great later round pick up.
75Charlotte Shayne Jackson Young, talented, hungry. Good selection.
76Rochester Jake Ziegler Jacksonville grad, and he’s a nerd. In a good way.
77Long Island Doug Shanahan The original Tewaaraton winner. Does it all.
78Boston Tim Langmaid Delaware defender from Mass.
79Denver Mikey Thompson Oooooh, nice call Denver.
80Chesapeake Josh Sims Yup, he’s still got it.
81Ohio Andrew Stimmel OSU boy drafted to Ohio, will be a completive camp.
82Hamilton Soloman Bliss SU Player on a comeback tear again?
83Charlotte Matt Lalli Guy can play!
84Rochester Angus Dineley Another good Canadian goalie.
85Long Island Joe Yevoli Is Yevoli BACK for real? Hope so.
86Boston Frank Tufano Good sized Drexel defender.
87Denver Steve SchoeffelDukie has speed and a last shot. Could find a role.
88Chesapeake JP Dalton Loyola middie. Have to like this guy.
89Ohio Audi Glass think this is a CUFLA guy. awesome.
90Hamilton Pete Vlahakis Old School F/o man for LI. Comeback?
91Charlotte Sean Aaron Former D3 Union player.
92Rochester Paul Richards Loyola player a few years out.
93Long Island David Hild MiddKid gets drafted… by LI?
94Boston Eric Hagarty Back with Boston for this SU grad.
95Denver Ken Clausen Finally. Was waiting for that one.

And at #96, this year’s Mr. soon-to-probably-be-relevant is… Chris Hunt, drafted by Chesapeake. Guys picked last in the MLL often exceed expectations. Wait for it!

If he comes to camp ready to roll, he could be as good as anyone. That’s why this draft is kind of fun… you never know which of these guys is actually going to make a team, or even see time. There are favorites to be sure, but there are also plenty of surprises and UNC grad, Hunt, could be one of them!

There are multiple guys I don’t know off the top of my head, and probably even more spelling errors. I even missed a couple of picks. For that I apologize and place full blame on LaxDirt’s Twitter account. Just kidding, they did an amazing job of live tweeting the draft, and we would like to thank them profusely for doing so! Give ’em the old follow on the Twitterverse.

Any of these guys stand out to you as potential studs? We’re sure at least a couple of them will see some time on a pro field this Summer…


  1. Has anyone spoken to Millon about his choice to return? Despite being in my top 5 all time, I cant wrap my head around his return. Maybe he has a few parking tickets to pay. Sims has to be pushing 37-38 also.