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Best Bucket Awards

The 2014 Best Bucket Award Winners – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

The time has finally come for us to announce the winners of the first annual Best Bucket Awards. Come on in and meet our judges, and see which buckets they chose. You won’t believe your eyes!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 2014 Best Bucket Awards!


The last time we spoke, you got a glimpse at 150 magnificent lacrosse helmets we received during the SHOW US YOUR DOME entry period of our contest. Since then I’ve been hard at work lining up our judges and tallying the votes. And because that took just a little bit longer than I would have liked, we’re going to go ahead and up the ante here – we’re picking TWO GRAND PRIZE WINNERS!

To the right, you’ll find a list of each Best Bucket Award category and its associated prize, plus a list of our 2014 Best Bucket Awards Judges.

Let’s check out the winners now, shall we?

Without further ado, I present to you the 2014 Best Bucket Award Winners!

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Best Bucket (1): Maybach Deuces
Best Team Bucket (1): Maybach Deuces
Best Throwback (1): Matching OG APs
Best Team Throwback (1): OG LAS Shorts
Best Helmet Wrap (1): Maybach Deuces
Goalie Lids (2): $25 Gift Card
Youth Buckets (3): Stringing Kits
Handsome Helmets (5): Money Mesh
Ugly Buckets (5): Stickers to fix problem


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2014 Best Bucket Awards Judges:

  • Connor Wilson – Publisher, Lacrosse All Stars
  • Ryan Powell – Living lacrosse legend, Founder/CEO of Rhino Lacrosse
  • Billy Bitter – LXM PRO athlete, Maverik Marketing Team

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Best Bucket
Tim Sheehan of Carthage, NY

Tim Sheehan lacrosse helmet

[quote]This is my personal helmet I wear throughout the year, mostly in Summer League and the Lake Placid Tournament.Right after college I worked for a company who owned a vinyl printer, where I came up with this design. The helmet is a tribute to my family and I. It has an overall pattern of a Celtic cross, Harp, Claddagh Ring, the Dove from our coat of arms, boxed around crossed sticks. This pattern is wrapped throughout, with Mohawk strips and a back strip of the National Tartan of Ireland. The back features a full Sheehan Family Coat of Arms, “Sheehan Brothers” written on the panel, and the German, United States, and New York flags on the bottom panel.[/quote]

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Best Team Bucket
Florian Braatz of Aachen, Germany

Florian Braatz Germany lacrosse helmet

[quote]My Helmet represents my hometown Club team of Aachen, Germany. Our team colors are Athletic Gold and Black. We play in the German Bundesliga West. The Club was founded in 1998 which is also marked on the visor (on both sides). Since our team doesn’t have any official mascot, we went with the initials of the city Aachen for our team Logo. On the Backpanel (barely visible in the picture) is the skyline of Aachen including known buildings, e.g. the Aachen Cathedral and City Hall.[/quote]

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Best Throwback
Ted Nusbaum of Brooklyn, NY

Ted Nusbaum Lacrosse Helmet

[quote]Helmet worn all four years at The Colorado College from 1990-1994. Still has original facemask, decaying athletic tape on double chin guard to “spook” opponents.[/quote]

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Best Team Throwback
Jason Sanders of Stony Brook, NY

Jason Sanders Lacrosse Helmet

[quote]My HS (WM) and college (UNC) lid…before companies sponsored teams and head wraps. Carolina decals are torn up from slashes, hits and facing off. The good ole days.[/quote]

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Best Helmet Wrap
Jeremy Vellon of San Diego, CA

Jeremy Vellon Navy Gold lacrosse helmet

[quote]NavyGold is dedicated to making lacrosse play possible and affordable for Sailors and Marines. Our logo has an anchor and trident which honor the Sea Services (Navy and Marine Corps) and a lacrosse stick with a traditional string job which honors the heritage of the game. In keeping with the military’s uniform tradition, the stars of the American flag face forward as if the flag were flying in the wind. Thanks for considering us![/quote]

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Best Goalie Lids (2)
Quint Moores of Medway, MA

Quint Moores lacrosse helmet

[quote]The team is the Blackstone Highlanders. We also play as the RY’s Guys for the Ryan Harvey Foundation. Other than the wrap itself, we have our Boston Strong ribbons. I am not a fan of the chrome as a goalie, so I wrap the top of the cage in electrical tape for more contrast. The teams shield is on the throat guard, and on the back of the wrap with our numbers.[/quote]

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Riley Maydanuk of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Riley Maydanuk goalie lacrosse helmet

[quote]I’m a box lacrosse goalie, this helmet was designed when I made the Manitoba Midget Provincial Team 2013. This is a Canadian National event where each province submits a team. We won gold![/quote]

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Best Youth Buckets (3)
Ryan Beckman of Sherman Oaks, CA

Ryan Beckman lacrosse helmet

[quote]Chrome Carbon Fiber personal wrap, features a colorful Space theme with subtle elements of the Maryland flag mixed it, the “hand of fate” element reaching out comes from my own personal brand.[/quote]

Kurt Backenstross of Fulton, NY

"This is my son Quinn's lid. Quinn plays with the Fulton Youth Lacrosse program 3rd-4th graders. Last year, the photographer didn't have to search too hard for a helmet for player photos when he saw #11's CPX-R white/red with the green Mohawk."

[quote]This is my son Quinn’s lid. Quinn plays with the Fulton Youth Lacrosse program 3rd-4th graders. Last year, the photographer didn’t have to search too hard for a helmet for player photos when he saw #11’s CPX-R white/red with the green Mohawk.[/quote]

Shawndel Evans of Windsor, CT

Shawndel Evans Lacrosse Helmet

[quote]This Matte Black helmet was created for my 8 year old son in memory of his Grandmother who passed away from cancer 9 months ago. (They were very close). She grew up in Brooklyn, NY. We are from CT and have ties to Maryland and DC. Each letter was hand cut and applied. Her initials B.B are in chrome on the lower right chin area. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.[/quote]

Bonus photo: Can you believe an 8 year old designed that?!


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Handsome Helmets (5)

Christopher Carmona of Durango, CO


[quote]Fort Lewis Skyhawks. Our school has huge native influences which inspired our helmet design and navajo pattern.[/quote]

Randy Sherry of West Haven, CT


[quote]Personal helmet, so no team name. Matte gray R with black chin and headwrapz metallic wings stickers. I’ve also got Relentless stickers on the back that you can’t see from that angle[/quote]

Davis Lehman of Santa Cruz, CA


[quote]U.C. Santa Cruz Men’s Lacrosse. Fighting Slug on the back of the hat (wish I could submit a photo of that!).[/quote]

Derrick Darosa of Brunswick, ME


[quote]Roger Williams Men’s Lacrosse buckets.[/quote]

Billy O’Haire of Long Island, NY


[quote]Head Coach of the University of Georgia Men’s Lacrosse team. Kenny at Headwrapz did an amazing job! Not pictured is the Bulldog in the center of the back panel with “Georgia” acrosse the back. Also an American Flag is displayed along with players numbers. The “dog collar” sticker goes from the side all the way around the helmet. “Bulldogs” is displayed on both sides of the jawbone stickers. The mohawk decals are white with a Georgia “G” in the back. The oakley visor with iridium insert is displayed for when its really bright outside. Our helmets were defiatley a topic of discussion between the MCLA coaches and fans this year. Hope we win!! Thanks![/quote]

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Ugly Buckets (5)
Trevor Comes of Boise, ID


[quote]I play for Boise state but I just took an old helmet I had laying around and covered it in tape. Then I designed the helmet to how I thought our team helmets should of looked like.[/quote]

Claude McCammon of Brooklyn, NY


[quote]I attend Eagle Academy in Ocean Hill. During our first years of lacrosse as a middle school team,we didn’t have a lot of new or clean equipment. But at the time we didn’t care about that. Our only priority was to practice and play lacrosse. For about a year or two we wore the very old and worn out equipment and this helmet was one of many used by everyone on the team.[/quote]

Jake Ward of Mapleton, UT


[quote]The flames on the top are because my coaches say I blaze down the field when I’m in the zone. The name on the side is my nickname, Jward, because the people at my camp called me J. Ward, but the period got left off on the registration, do Jward was born.[/quote]

Ryan Burgess of Duluth, GA


[quote]I have a UGA decal because I am a UGA fan. I have LAS sticker cause a LOVE LAS. The Under Armour sticker was just a random sticker and the ripped Jimalax sticker is there because I took a shot to the head and the sticker ripped (but it didn’t go in). P.S. I don’t think more stickers will fix my ugliness problem…[/quote]

Chris Burke of Portland, ME


[quote]I’m currently taking a year off from school to pursue my dreams in the lacrosse and music community, so unfortunately I had to return my helmet to my coach. This is all that’s left; not very protective, and deceptively soft.[/quote]

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Honorable Mention (5)
Kyle Virding of Portland, OR


[quote]LaxNW Rippers – Portland, OR. We are a men’s post collegiate club team that plays in the Cascade Men’s Lacrosse League (CMLL). The CMLL has teams located in Eugene, OR; Portland, OR; Tacoma, WA; Seattle, WA; and Bellingham, WA. Our team is sponsored by Lacrosse Northwest, a local company that runs leagues and travel teams for youth – adult players. We redesigned our uniforms a year ago with this new custom crest reminiscent of a soccer team crest, in honor of Portland’s unofficial nickname, “Soccer City, USA.” The trees and mountain represent the Pacific Northwest, while the pin-striping on top of the mountain is there to comment on the weather that we often get to play through in Portland. We also included Roses along the bottom as an homage to Portland’s nickname, “The Rose City.” We also have a halftone fade pattern on the mohawk, which looks like raindrops, in addition to custom vent covers that bring in a thin navy blue accent. Completing the look is a HeadStrong Warrior chin strap in our team colors.[/quote]

Travis Holland of Flagstaff, AZ


[quote]I ordered an athletic gold helmet, got that instead. Would be great if I played for UCLA. I liked the Stryke helmet though.[/quote]

Cade Dairy of Bend, OR


[quote]Bend Senior High Lava Bears headwrapz[/quote]

Christian Archambeault of Horseheads, NY


[quote]Elmira College Soaring Eagles- Cascade CPX-R helmet, throwback cartoon eagle mascot decal from Zima Gear with gold chrome accents, “soaring eagles” back pannel, large old school number decals on opposite side.[/quote]

Salvador Melgoza of Los Angeles, CA


[quote]Custom helmet wrap was inspired by the high school I graduated from in South Central, Los Angeles. Like the Yale logo, on the other side of the helmet, there is a J instead of the Y. On the mowhawk, it quotes “Bad to the Bone”. Upper back panel has the California flag and lower back panel says “Jordan”. All white shell with blue chrome face mask.[/quote] [mks_separator style=”solid” height=”4″]

Brandon Melville of Farmington, ME


[quote]This is a custom helmet that I put together with a custom HeadWrapz that I won from their bracket challenge this fall. It is a Uncle Sam on the side with an “AMERICA” back panel and red/white/blue mohawk. It has no team significance but who doesn’t love themselves a little Uncle Sam and American Pride![/quote]

John King of Cleves, Ohio


[quote]Benedictine Ravens Lacrosse[/quote]

Bonus photo: Here’s the custom lacrosse helmet John King has chosen for his Grand Prize. Big shout out to Cascade Lacrosse and!


Congratulations to all the winners and a huge THANK YOU to all participants!

ATTN WINNERS: To claim your prize, please send your mailing address to using subject line “Best Bucket Awards” and the same email address tied to your LAS account.

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