Notre Dame LaxAllStar Sighting The 2015 All Traditional College Lacrosse
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2015 All Traditional College Lacrosse Awards

It’s time for traditional lovers‘ favorite post of the year: The 2015 All Traditional College Lacrosse Awards! Each year, we scour the D1 ranks looking for impact players who use traditional lacrosse pockets. No mesh here, baby, just leather and crosslace.

Now, I won’t lie. The overall numbers may be down this year. But the quality of the players using traditional has not dropped at all, so behold the TINY All Traditional College Lacrosse Team for 2015!

2015 All Traditional College Lacrosse Team

First Team All Traditional

Wells StanwickJohns Hopkins – Once a Stanwick, always a traditional user. From Steel to Wellington, and now Shackleford, the Stanwick Fam rocks leather. ALWAYS. So much respect for this legacy. Their stickwork isn’t too shabby either! He’s an obvious first choice for the 2015 All Traditional College Lacrosse Awards list.

Shack StanwickJohns Hopkins – If there is a Stanwick playing college lacrosse, they have leather in their sticks. How can you not love two brothers who both use sticks strung up by their father? Both are obvious 2015 All Traditional College Lacrosse Award winners, and now we’ve had THREE Stanwicks on our lists since 2012.

Photo Credit: Craig Chase
Photo Credit: Craig Chase

Will Corrigan (Main Photo) – Notre Dame – Corrigan has used traditional pretty much all day, every day, and we love him for it. He strings his own sticks, and he has a one of a kind pocket, and some stacked up shooters. He’s been here before, and he’s back again!

Second Team All Traditional

Henry “Hank” WilliamsNotre Dame – Williams was hurt for a lot of the year, and it’s the only reason he’s on the second team. He made it back for the game against Denver, and he’s a repeat customer on this awards team. He’s also one heck of a defender!

John SextonNotre Dame – this freshman out of Lincoln-Sudbury, MA was a contributor in his first year as an LSM, and next year should feature heavily for ND as a full-time starter and all around terror in the midfield. Not the biggest guy, but a stud, and a traditional fan! Thanks to Gerry Byrne for making sure I didn’t miss either of these ND poles!

Chuck GoldsteinAir Force – This freshman used an all white traditional pocket for much of the year and saw time in 8 games for the Falcons. Welcome to the team, Chuck! We expect big things in the future. Convert a couple more AFA guys, will ya?

James TautkusMercer – The sophomore attackman saw time in 5 games, scored 2 goals, and had an assist, all with a traditional pocket. Looking for big things from Tautkus in the coming years!

Marcus Butters – Detroit – Butters didn’t always use traditional, but he had it in at least one of his short sticks (he’s also seen time at pole), and used it in a game Vs Monmouth. That’s good enough for me, and hopefully next year the switch is 100% in all his sticks!

Honorable Mention All Traditional

Braedon Gait – Princeton – Gait only played in two games for Princeton, but someone said he was holding a traditional stick on the sideline, so we’re adding him. Also, his dad (Gary Gait) used traditional, so maybe it’s a family thing! I’m hoping so. Thanks to Chris Rosenthall for this one! Good eyes, sir. I couldn’t find photos, so he’s HM for now. I need to see proof he used it in a game to be on the 2nd team.

There were also rumors of an Albany pole using a traditional stick, and I’m sure they are true, but I looked through about 1000 Albany photos from this year and couldn’t find any proof, so there’s that. Prove me wrong on that one. Dig out a screenshot or something, please! Let’s get this pole his due credit!

Finally, there are confirmed rumors that Syracuse star Kevin Rice‘s back up stick was a traditional, but he used mesh all year, so he’s not on the team. SO CLOSE though! More than just a little bummed that Syracuse lacked any real traditional users this year. They were our traditional team of the year back in 2013! Of course they didn’t have many at Cuse in 2012 either.

Traditional Team Of The Year

It was a tough call between Johns Hopkins and Notre Dame, but I had to go with the Irish. They had THREE different families of kid use traditional this year, whereas Hopkins only had the Stanwicks. Maybe papa Stanwick can string up a couple extras for Hop teammates next year?!?!? The Irish will need to reboot, as only Sexton returns out of their 3 traditional pocket enthusiasts. Congrats to ND on repeating as our Traditional Team of the Year!

The list is small, but it’s legit. If you’re a D1 player, you could be on this list too. Just go traditional next year!