2015 black friday
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2015 Black Friday Lacrosse Deals

Personally, I’m a big fan of REI right now because instead of hosting 2015 Black Friday sales, they have closed their stores and told people to go outside. I’m sure they are doing booming business online anyway, and now they just look super cool and smart, while the rest of us look like we didn’t plan out our lives quite so well. It happens, and now you’re doing Black Friday shopping online! C’est la vie.

There will be more deals to be had on Cyber Monday… (can’t we just combine this all into a bigger event called “Shopping & Deals Winter Weekend” that runs from 5pm on Thanksgiving through Tuesday morning? No? We can’t? Fine.)

2015 Black Friday deals it is!

2015 Black Friday Lacrosse Deals

Powell Lacrosse – Starting Friday, November 27th, when you spend $22 or more on www.powelllacrosse.com, you will receive 22% off your entire order. Powell Lacrosse will also be offering complete stick combinations featuring a strung Pioneer Head along with one of 19 different shaft options.

Stylin Strings – There are all sorts of % off deals to be had over on Stylin Strings. You’ll get them for two days, so get on it before they’re gone.

Stringer’s Shack – SS has a special page set up with some LE mesh, some great deals on supplies, and the stuff you need. They don’t really need to do a Black Friday sale because their prices are lower than almost everyone else’s already. They make great stuff, and it’s always 100% affordably priced.

Lacrosse.com – The online giant is throwing in a Grab Bag to the first 50 orders of $75 or more. Are there any left by now? No idea… so get on it. They also have Thompson Nike shoes, and gloves. On top of ALL THAT, you can also pre-order the Epoch Sequel head. Early adapters take note. Looking for a cheaper option that is still a great head? A Metrik for under $25 fits the bill nicely!

SISU mouth guards – No sale here today, just awesome technology, and a brand that supports the growth of lacrosse.

Throne of String – Use code BLACKOUT at ToS, and get 25% off. They have some new swaggy stuff out, very black and white/dark side stuff. Clearly a big fan of Star Wars.

Toronto RockBuy a home opener ticket and get another ticket FREE! If I lived in Ontario, I might do this! If you DO live in Ontario, you should!

Tomahawk Shades – BOGO!!! BOGO!!! Buy one, get one. That’s 2 for 1 science.