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mll_jordan_wolf_week_13 2015 MLL Finals
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2015 MLL Predictions: Week 13

Welcome to Week 13 of Major League Lacrosse’s 2015 season! It’s time for picks, MLL videos, attendance notes, and whatever else is worth talking about. I picked 3 games last week, and got two of the right. Boston destroyed Denver, and I got that one wrong, wrong, wrong.

Photo Credit: Craig Chase

I’m not doubting Boston currently, and didn’t last week, as they are clearly a top level team, but I was definitely way off when it came to the Outlaws. They only scored 9 goals… in a full MLL game. And Boston scored 22. Ouch. Denver has some regrouping to do, and I need to start picking Boston more!

My current records for picking games is 23-16, which isn’t bad, but also isn’t what it needs to be. I feel like I say that a lot. Watch some MLL this week, it’s good stuff!

Top 10 Plays – Week 12

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2015 MLL Predictions – Week 13

Denver @ New York – Thursday, July 9th, 7:30pm ET – It’s late in the season, and your position in the standings has everything to do with how hard you’re going to play. Denver is 5-6, tied with Chesapeake in the standings, and directly behind 6-5 Rochester and Ohio. While New York obviously wants to continue their path back to consistent wins, with only 3 games left, Denver really needs to win this game if they want to think about making the playoffs. That being said, I didn’t love how they played last weekend against Boston, so I’ll take New York to effectively end Denver’s season in 2015.

Florida @ Charlotte – Saturday, July 11th, 3:30pm ET – Neither of these teams are making the playoffs, so while this game means nothing, it also means everything. Both teams are finally at full strength now, and should be playing their best lacrosse. Whoever wins this game will get bragging rights to be the second worst team in Major League Lacrosse. Hey, if you don’t think that means something, try on the “worst team in MLL” hat… it doesn’t feel any better, does it? In fact, it’s worse. Pride is on the line here, and that counts for something. I’ll take Florida in this game.

Ohio @ Boston – Saturday, July 11th, 6pm ET – This might be the best potential game of the weekend. Boston looks like a contender, and Ohio doesn’t look too far off either! Both of these teams use a lot of different guys to contribute on defense and in point production. It’s not the same all-star cast for either team as exists in New York, but they prove that team ball is the key to winning games consistently, because it works. I’ll take Boston at home in this one, but it should be a hard fought, tight game, with lots on the line in terms of playoff seeding.

Chesapeake @ Rochester – Sunday, July 12th, 1pm ET – Rochester is the easy pick here, even with the loss of Mike Manley, as both teams desperately need wins to make gains in the final push period of the season, and I think Rochester is the better team overall. But it’s not that easy with Chesapeake, and never is. The big question in this game is, can Rochester score 14+ goals? If they can, they win, if they don’t, who knows. I’ll take Rochester to pull out a W here.

Attendance Notes

Franchise – 2015 Attendance Average (+/- change from last week)
Denver – 10,980 from 5,809 (+5,171) – Their AVG went up by 5,000+ in ONE WEEK.
Chesapeake – 6,294 – They had over 11,000 fans show up on July 2nd.
Boston – 5,936 (same) – 7,200 at their last home game.
New York – 5,158 (same)
Ohio – 2,450 from 2,433 (+17)
Charlotte – 2,286 (same)
Florida – 1,610 from 1,667 (-57)
Rochester – 1,151 (same)

It’s great to see some of the bigger franchises picking up their attendance numbers as the season goes. Charlotte and Florida aren’t huge surprises at this point as their numbers have been low all season, but Ohio still surprises me a little bit, and so does Rochester. Both of these teams are competitive this year, and they should be drawing much better crowds.

Boston’s move to Gillette Stadium looks to be paying off, and New York has really picked their numbers up in only one year. It’s impressive. Chesapeake is also seeing some serious success finally. Imagine if they had a bette record! It’s good to see 4 MLL teams above 5,000 fans per game, and I hope the other 4 can pick their numbers up next year, or maybe even for their last games of the year. If not, it might be time to say hello to Atlanta or Houston, although I have some doubts about those spots as well.

Attendance is a tough game in the Summer (just look at the many, many empty MLB stadiums), but some teams seem to be figuring it out.

ICYMI – #LaxBreakfastClub

MLL guys do the dirty work to stay at the top of their game, even during the season. 6am conditioning and practice in Brooklyn, NY? Yup, that’s a thing!

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”#LaxBreakfastClub”]

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