Bayhawks vs Lizards 7.26.14 Credit: Casey Kermes MLL Predictions - Week 3
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2015 MLL Predictions – Week 3

While I would prefer it if my 2015 MLL predictions were all correct so far, I’m actually pretty happy with my current 3-3 record in picking games. Early season MLL games can be notoriously tough to predict as many teams are still missing NLL stars or current NCAA coaches. Of course when the NCAA players join the ranks it throws another wrench into the system, but that’s a topic for later in the season!

Photo Credit: Casey Kermes

For now, let’s focus on what’s happening around the league this weekend. There is plenty of action, and plenty of things to predict! First I’ll run through my MLL Predictions – Week 3, and then I’ll hit on some other interesting predictions… but first, watch this!

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Major League Lacrosse: Top 10 Plays of Week 2″]

2015 MLL Predictions – Week 3

Chesapeake @ Florida – Last week, CHE beat FLA 12-8, and they did so in solid fashion. Chesapeake looked like the better team, Florida looked a little disjointed, and both were playing their first game of the year. The Bayhawks D did a great job on Powell, and they’ll need to do so again to make my prediction this come true: Bayhawks by 2.

Charlotte @ Boston – I like both of these teams, but I think the Cannons still have something to prove, and I like them to win a good deal of games at home this year. Boston is playing two way lacrosse with its middies and if this leads to less transition for Charlotte, I like the Cannons by a couple goals here.

Rochester @ New York – NY put a smackdown on Rochester last week, and while I don’t think we’ll see quite the same lopsided score (it was 10-0 at one point), I do think we’ll see the same result. Rochester will change a lot this year, and become very dangerous, but against the Lizards right now, they are heavily outmatched on paper. New York by 5+.

I feel good about ALL of these picks this week, and I really like my chances of going 3-0. Of course I’ve said that during my predictions post for the last two weeks, so it means little to nothing. Really, I just need to get back over .500. A 3-3 picking record is not cutting it!

Other Week 3 Predictions

Last week I said face offs would have an impact and that the new rules would come into play right away. There were a couple of calls here and there, but for the most part it was pretty clean. I also said we’d see more points by longpoles, and we definitely saw more defenders put up points, including a Brett Queener goalie goal!

Did Matt Gibson continue to score? Two goals says yes. How about K18? Did Harrison have a better day? This week he had 2 goals on 4 shots. Last week he had zero goals on six shots. I’d say so! Expect Harrison to continue to pick up speed and improve as the early season progresses. That’s prediction #1!

Prediction #2 is that Max Seibald will get his first assist as a Boston Cannons player today. He scored a hat trick in Boston’s only game this year, but no helpers.

Prediction #3 is that all five NY Lizards players currently in the top 10 for scoring (yes, there are FIVE Lizards players in the top 10) will stay in the Top 15 for scoring. They could also have SEVEN of the top 20 scorers (right now they are 7 for 23) after this weekend. GROSS, in a good way!

Prediction #4 is that Brian Spallina will continue to lead Major League Lacrosse in penalty minutes. Through two games, he has 13.5 minutes. The next closest player is Mike Lazore, who has six minutes, although he got all of those in one game. Based on how Spallina has played so far, he seems like a lock to take the penalty minute title this year. Not sure if that’s a good thing though!

Prediction #5 is a more general prediction, and has less to do with Week 3, but if the season so far is an any indication, Anthony Kelly is going to take 450+ face offs this Summer in games. That’s simply and INCREDIBLE amount of battling. Good luck, A Train!!!

And of course we’re going to finish up with the LSM Play of the Week, because LSMs are awesome!

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=” Between the Lines Plays of the Week”]

That’s a nice piece of offensive LSM work from both Farrell and Hartzell! Great fundamentals by PT Ricci with that can opener! Buy local. HA.