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2015 MLL Predictions: Week 9

Week 9 predictions will follow shortly! But first I’ll recap how my “winner picking” has gone so far and show you the Top 10 Plays from Week 8.

Week 9 predictions will follow shortly! But first I’ll recap how my “winner picking” has gone so far and show you the Top 10 Plays from Week 8. THEN we get to the Week 9 picks!

Photo Credit: Craig Chase

Last week I went 2-2, and I got New York and Boston correct. Ohio shocked Denver at home in convincing fashion, and threw me for a loop. Rochester also took it to Chesapeake on the road, and I ended up at .500 for the weekend. So far this season, my overall record for picking winners now sits at 18-10. It’s not bad, but I’d like to get back to picking perfection, like I did in the two weeks before last!

Top 10 Plays – Week 8

2015 MLL Predictions – Week 9

Ohio @ Charlotte – Friday, June 5th, 730pm ET – At this point, one simply has to start picking Ohio regularly. Home or on the road, doesn’t matter, Ohio is coming in hot. They have a number of players who can push the ball and be threats to score, and this keeps opposing teams spread. Defensively, they are improved, and the ball is rolling the Machine’s way right now.

Florida @ New York – Friday, June 5th, 730pm ET – I can’t pick against NY right now, just not going to do it. Yes, they have had close games, but they find ways to close it out. I like that in any team. It’s the Lizards’ ball right now, and they’re playing at home. Florida will play hard, but NY will win.

Denver @ Chesapeake – Saturday, June 6th, 7pm ET – After both teams suffered home losses, both will be extra determined to win this one. Expect an epic game! I’ll take Denver on the road, but out of all the games this week, this one seems like the biggest question mark.

Boston @ Rochester – Sunday, June 7th, 1pm ET – Boston has bought in to what they have, and they play good team lacrosse. Rochester does too, and is rapidly improving now that their full team is getting back to form, but I think the Cannons can put together the right packages for Rochester’s wheeling and dealing offense. Ortolani Vs Bunker at the face off X. Endicott Vs Colby. D3 fans rejoice!

MLL Poke Check Yard Sale

Watch the first check for sure. PERFECTION! That’s a nice video!

Attendance Notes

Franchise – 2015 Attendance Average (+/- change from last week)
Denver – 5,750 from 6,356 (-606)
Boston – 5,681 from 4,566 (+1115)
Chesapeake – 4,715 from 4,689 (+26)
New York – 4,705 (same)
Ohio – 2,433 (same)
Charlotte – 2,203 from 2,081 (+122)
Florida – 1,792 (same)
Rochester – 1,122 (same)

Denver’s season average took a big dip in their third game, but you can expect them to increase that average by a wide margin on the 4th of July. Boston is making a huge push, and if they increased their attendance by 1,000 fans in ONE GAME, then that was a well attended game! If the Cannons can keep that up, they can vie with Denver for the attendance record in a serious way.

All of the other teams stayed where they were, or showed only slight variations in their averages. With Rochester and Charlotte both hosting games this weekend, they have a chance to pick their numbers up nicely. New York should get another good crowd, and Chesapeake should hope to get over the 5,000 mark this weekend. This is progress people. It’s slow, but it’s progress, and if the lower end teams can pick it up, the overall numbers will really show how far Major League Lacrosse has come. On to week 9!

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